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Repair corrupt DLL to keep the system safe

The issues associated with the DLL files can make the computer slow and non-performing. To get rid of such issues, you need to repair DLL files present on your computer. This page discusses the problems associated with the DLL errors in an elaborate fashion and suggests remedies for correct.

Problems in running Windows Live:

Sometimes you may find that the Windows Essentials programs installed on your computers like Windows Live Mail or Windows Movie Maker do not open when you try to launch them. Every time you try to open them, the computer faces some issue and produces an error message stating that the given programs are unable to run due to corrupted api-ms-win-core-file-l1-1-1.dll file. And to repair dll errors, you must reinstall the applications. However, even after removal and reinstallation of the Windows Essentials, the problem cannot be sorted out. In such cases, you need a good DLL error fix tool to correct the issues.

Issues while playing videos:

The faulty DLL files can sometimes make it difficult for you to run videos on the computer. The applications like YouTube may be able to load the videos or movies, but cannot play them back. To solve the problem, you must repair the corrupted DLL files. If you have a good knowledge on the internal mechanisms of the computer, then you can try the various manual fixes provided by the internet. But if you are a novice computer user, then these manual fixes can become too complicated for you.

Groove Music application issue:

Sometimes you find that the applications installed on your computer, like Groove Music, cannot open and the computer, it advises you to close the application. This issue may happen due to a missing or corrupt DLL file. To solve the issue, you may try to refresh or restart the computer. If that does not solve the problem, then you can also try to remove and then reinstall the application on your computer. But sometimes the measures do not solve the error and the applications remain non-responsive.

Problems on start-up:

Occasionally a computer with Windows 7 operating system may face errors during start-up. A message may be prompted on the computer screen stating that Oleacc.dll was not found. The issue may have risen due to a possible virus attack which might have corrupted or deleted the DLL file. You may be able to remove the viruses present on your computer using Microsoft Security Essentials, but to correct the damages incurred by them on the Windows Registry, you need a good DLL repair software.

Bing application error:

If you have a computer with a genuine copy of Windows 8.1, then sometimes you may find that the installed Bing application may not open properly. You are able to remove, reinstall and update the apps, but remain unable to open them. One of the few reasons for such issue can be the corrupted DLL file. To resolve the issue, you may run the Troubleshooting Apps, but they may not be able to help you much. To correct the error, you need a good DLL files fixer tool which can easily correct the errors for you.

BSOD event shows up:

In few cases, you may find that the computer with Windows 8 faces Blue Screen of Death during start-up. The minidump file created during the crash may point that the MFCM80.DLl file may have been the faulty module and probably responsible for the issue. To repair dll files free, you may run the SFC commands on the command prompt of your machine. In most cases, this tool is able to correct the issues associated with the problem, but in some cases, they are unable to correct the error.

Overcome the issue easily:

If you are wondering on how to solve the issue of the corrupt or missing DLL file, then don't worry. The reliable DLL Suite software is here to solve all your worries. The said DLL error fix software downloads the correct versions of the DLL file from a trusted source available online and installs them into the computer. Along with it, this application re-registers the DLL files into Windows Registry. This DLL repair tool corrects all DLL errors in a smooth way.

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