If msvcr100 dll goes missing, in this case, users can face terrible errors while installing and running programs on PC; to repair such files, one can download DLL Suite and get rid of all faults soon.

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Repair faulty MSVCR100.DLL file easily

Msvcr100.dll is a Microsoft Visual C++ file and it is required by applications which are made with Visual C++. The error related to Msvcr100.dll file can occur if it goes missing from the PC. Users can face trouble while installing or running certain programs and applications during Windows start-up and sometimes even during Windows installation. Read the article to know how to repair msvcr100 dll.

Microsoft Office Word 2013 crashes

Missing or corrupt Msvcr100.dll file can cause trouble with various Microsoft Office programs and applications. A user named Miranda from Auckland complained of having similar issue. She says that her Microsoft Office 2013 crashes every time she tries to access the application. At first the application stops responding and then crashes entirely. After that, she gets an error message saying that msvcr100 DLL is either not designed for Windows or it contains some error.

To repair msvcr100.DLL, she tried following things, but still couldn't solve the problem.

Reinstall the latest Visual C++ in the machine.

Did full repair of Microsoft Office 2013 suite.

Ran SFC but found no issues on the system.

Ran in safe mode.

Removed all Add-ins from the application.

Updated Microsoft Office applications, Windows, Drivers, and BIOS.

Ran deep antivirus scan and confirmed no malware found on the system.

Unable to install bitdefender

Due to corrupt MSVCR100 dll file, users can face trouble in installing certain antivirus programs in their PC. A user named Caitlyn faced similar error in her PC while installing antivirus protection called Bitdefender in her PC. She says that she gets an error message saying that MSVCR100.dll cannot be found while trying to install the application.

To fix msvcr100 DLL error, she ran Fixit, ran did system file checker scan, but the issue wasn't solved. She hadn't done any recent change in the PC that could have caused the problem. She also did clean boot of the PC and then tried to download Visual C++ application, but unfortunately that didn't work either.

Error while running programs

Some applications might fail to run due to missing or corrupt msvcr100dll files. A user named Cisco faced similar problem in his Asus laptop running Windows 10. He says that he successfully installed the program Windroy on his laptop, but faced issue while trying to open the application. When he tried to open the program, he got an error message saying that the Program couldn't start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from the computer.

On inspection, he found that this DLL is present in his computer system in the Windows/system32 map. He downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package, but still the program won't run. He could easily install and run the application in another PC with same Windows OS. Users can download professional DLL fixing tool and fix msvcr100.DLL errors.

FIFA 14 stopped working in Windows 8

Users can face issue in playing games if msvcr100.DLL goes missing from the PC. A user named Barry complains that previously he used Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and he could easily play FIFA 14 in it. Now he updated his PC to Windows 8 64 bits and he is unable to play the game. Whenever he tries to run the game, he gets an error message saying that msvcr100 dll file is missing, though it is present. He reinstalled Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable but nothing happened. He also pasted the msvcr100 in FIFA directory and ran the app but then it gave a 0x000007b error. He has installed the app several times with different DVDs, same error occurs always.

Windows Explorer crashes

Windows explorer might crash randomly if there is some issue with msvcr100.dll file. A user named Joe faced the similar issue in his Windows 7 Home Premium PC. He says that whenever he tries to open .odt files, the Windows Explorer crashes with an error. The error message says that Windows Explorer has stopped working. Further it informs him that Windows can check online for solutions.

He re-registered the dll msvcr100 file to fix the issues but couldn't. He even downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ but still couldn't resolve the issue.

Method of solving the problem

The best way to resolve msvcr100 DLL issue is by downloading the DLL Suite. This is a professional tool that helps get rid of the issue very efficiently. Other than repairing DLL errors, this software will also optimize the PC successfully.

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