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In order to repair the inconveniences caused by DLL files, users have to install DLL Suite to get the immediate result.

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Repair process for removal of DLL error

Often it may happen that users do not possess any prior knowledge about the encountered issue. They should know the dll repairing process so that the corrupted DLL file could be prevented from any further malfunctioning. This write-up will provide the users with some of the commonly occurring instances that would help them to acquire some information. In case they come across such similar incidents, they will be able to handle it properly.

Issue while trying to make video calls:

Users encountered problems while using various applications. Likewise, Gomes from England reported about the complications that she had to face when she wished to set for a video call via Skype application. Every time she failed, she was prompted with an error notification that stated spmservices.dll as the faulty one. In addition to this, the error message also suggested for the reinstallation of the application, but opting for the reinstallation actually did not help her in any way.

Since the error message indicated about the reinstallation of the application, it could be anticipated that due to improper installation process, the mentioned DLL file has gone missing and was not installed properly in its actual location. Due to this, she was unable to set the video call. Moreover, it might also happen that the video card driver became corrupted in the system owing to which she was not able to establish the video call and repair DLL problem.

Unable to launch game:

In some other occasions, users also confronted problems when they were unable to play their favourite games. Smith from Santiago informed in the technical forum about her agonies soon after she upgraded her operating system from Windows 8.1 version to Windows 10. Soon after the upgrade event, whenever she tried to launch the game, 'League of Legends', she was unable to complete the action and instead she was prompted an error message. It denoted about D3D9.dll that became corrupted.

Even after she ran the System File Checker utility, she failed to fix dll error. Furthermore, she also used the updated version of Geforce GTX 750 graphic card driver in the system. Other than all these efforts, she also tried to update the DirectX to its latest version, but still failed to fix the error.

Unable to access Microsoft Office applications:

Some like situation were also experienced by other users after they upgraded their system. After Steve from UK upgraded her system from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 version, she was unable to open any programs under Microsoft Office Suite 2016. On a constant note, an error notification appeared describing that either 'C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\MSVCP140.dll' file path became corrupted or was not compatible to run in the specific version of the operating system. In order to fix DLL errors, she also attempted to reinstall the Microsoft Office package but the problem remained. In addition to this, she also contacted with the software vendor, but could not achieve the desired outcome. Therefore, it could be easily understood that the mentioned DLL file became corrupted during the system upgrade process due to which she was unable to access the applications.

Problem after application update:

With the hope of availing the best service after updating the version of Adobe Flash Player, users also encountered certain issues. After upgrading the application, whenever Gorge from Australia tried to run the application, she was obstructed by an error message indicating that the operating failed since the cooltype.dll was missing from the system sub folder. Therefore, it was understandable that the mentioned DLL file went missing during the update process of the application on a Windows 7 Enterprise installed Dell Inspiron laptop. So, to fix the DLL file error, she also tried to uninstall and reinstall the application, run the System File Checker utility, but still failed to yield any positive result.

Microsoft Office Excel error:

Users also faced problems when they tried to save any document. On a similar note, Steele from California complained about the inconveniences that he came across when he tried to save any spreadsheet within Microsoft Office Excel 2010 application. The incident was accompanied with an error message that pointed toward the corrupted excel.exe file within the faulting module path C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\office14\mso.dll. Other than reinstalling and trying to resolve DLL issue, he also tried to disable the add-ins installed in the application to check if the documents could be saved or not.

Troubleshooting the DLL error:

As a means to fix all DLL errors, users should install the professional dll fix tool from VSKsoft, it is DLL Suite. This dll repair software would assist in the proper maintenance of the system and help to avoid any further DLL error from cropping.

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