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To repair DLL files on the system, you must run the DLL Suite software on it.

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Repairing DLL files is easier

Even after applying different techniques and methods, are you having trouble in repairing dll errors free? Are you seeing dll file missing or corrupted error messages? If the answer to these questions is yes, then, you must read this write-up. You must not lose patience when any error shows up on the system, while you are trying to use any stored applications. You must know the reasons behind the occurrence of the issues, as it will ultimately help you if any of such issues also arises in the future. This article will provide you the reasons as well as the time when such issues can take place.

Google Chrome crashes repeatedly:

Suppose the operating system installed on your system is Windows 7, 64 bit Professional. You may have been using the browser Google Chrome to browse the internet. However, while trying to open clips on while using Google Chrome, you may encounter the crash of the application. You may see that the browser is not able to load any videos on the said website. The Event Viewer of the system may show the exact details of the issue. You may see that module ntdll.dll is responsible for the crash of chrome.exe. You may see that there are no add-ons on the browser, but still such issues are showing. The file ntdll.dll may have been damaged which have resulted in this issue.

Facing issues after installing update:

You may have been using Adobe Flash Player on the system. You might have installed a recent available update to the software. Ever since the installation of this update, you may see the issue in running the software. You may get an error message that may state that the operation failed due to a missing dll file. The error message may state that the file cooltype.dll is missing from the system. For the purpose of repairing dll files, you may uninstall and reinstall the software.

Windows Defender scan error:

Suppose you are using Windows Defender on your Windows Vista machine. You may see that the PC is freezing every time Windows Defender is scanning your Dell Vostro system. You may notice that the freeze occurs only on a particular file. You may see that the particular file is imapi2fs.dll. In order to fix this dll issue, you may conduct a System Restore to the point when there was no issues with Windows Defender. You may try to start the system in safe mode and see if the issue is solved. The file imapi2fs.dll may have been damaged or it may have been corrupted. For repairing this dll error, you can also use the System File Checker scan that will enable you in fixing corrupted dll files.

Microsoft Office Excel crashes unknowingly:

You may have installed Microsoft Office 2013 suite on your PC. You may frequently use the application Microsoft Office Excel 2013. However, you may experience the crash of the application when you try to use a particular feature of the application. To get the details of the issue, you may access the Event Viewer from the start menu of the system. It may show that the faulting module is comctl32.dll and it is responsible for the crash of Excel.exe. For repairing such a dll problem, you may repair the entire suite of applications. You may also try to get rid of the issue by uninstalling the application and then reinstalling it.

Issue in Microsoft Edge:

You may encounter a typical issue with Microsoft Edge. You may have been using the anniversary edition of Windows 10 on the system. While trying to enter the address, you may see that all the tabs are closing on Microsoft Edge. When you use the app troubleshooter, you may find that two files are responsible for this issue. The two files are combase.dll and wpaxholder.dll. For repairing this dll issue, you may clear the browsing data option of Microsoft Edge.

What step must you adopt?

Since you have gone through the entire article, by now you must know the exact reason behind the issues with the applications. Now, you might be wondering what should be your next step. You may think of manually fixing the Windows registry. However, the process involves great amount of risk. If any wrong alterations are made in the registry, then it may cause permanent damage to the system. Therefore, your next step should be the application of a dll repair tool. You must download and install DLL Suite by VSKsoft. Do not worry, you can apply this tool in all the versions of Windows operating system. Repairing dll files is made easy with the use of this tool.

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