fix rundll32.exe

If you want to fix rundll32.exe, you must download and use DLL Suite.

Download DLL Suite

Repairing rundll32.exe with the help of a tool

A number of issues may arise while you are using the computer. The computer may show the issue while loading any game or while loading any page on the browser. All such types of issues have been explained as follows.

Issue in playing game after upgrade:

You may have been using Windows XP on the PC and you have conducted a recent upgrade to Windows 7 operating system. While trying to play games you may see some issues that was not present on the previous operating system. The issue while playing games might show a message. The message may state that due to the conflict of a process, the issue is occurring. To fix rundll32.exe error, you may have to uninstall the game and install it again. You may try to update the drivers but the issue might not get solved through this process.

Issue after logging on:

By logging on a Windows 7 PC, you may see that a rundll error has occurred. The error might show on startup and show that there was a problem starting clt7v26j2.cpp. It may also state the specified module could not be found. Such an issue may have been caused due to some corruption in the system. In order to fix rundll32.exe error, you may want to use CHKDSK and see for any probable issues with the hard disc as the process might solve those.

Issue after upgrading browser:

After conducting a recent upgrade from Internet Explorer 8 to Internet Explorer 9, you may see a problem. The issue may occur whenever you try to go to some other page from the main page of the browser. The problem signature may show that the application name is rundll32 and the faulty module name is StackHash_b133. The browser may shut down on its own. You might be able to restart the browser and browse. But, it may function in a slower speed than usual. If you try to go back to the previous version, it may also not stop the issue. To fix rundll32.exe, you might have to use an appropriate tool.

Troubleshooting the issues:

In order to troubleshoot the issues and fix rundll32.exe errors, you must download DLL Suite. This tool is effective in fixing all dll issues of your system.

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