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Resolve DLL errors from your PC

Are you frequently facing error messages on your computer? Does sitting before your system irritates you? Is your computer system, shelling out your precious time? Don't feel down. A right fixation of the PC error can deliver you with a healthy computer system. Getting error messages are actually the indication to the internal growing issues of the system. With time, these issues might turn dangerous thus ending up complete system crash. In this write-up, you are going to find a thorough discussion with the most common issue, DLL error and its solution.

Skype crash while running

Skype, one of the most renowned video calling or video conferencing application, might come across with varied issues due to DLL errors. Among a series of issues while running Skype, sudden crashes of the application is quite common. According to a Windows 8 user, Patrick, for the past few days, while using Skype suddenly it go crashed. Soon after the crash, the user had to face a pop-up every time, saying that the Skype has stopped working and a problem has caused the program to stop working correctly.

This issue can be solved by installing and re-installing the application. However many a times users like Patrick fail to resolve the issue.

Issue while opening Chrome

Times come when users even come across with issues while trying to open Chrome. According to a customer using a 64-bit Windows 7, while trying to open Google Chrome on his HP Pavilion laptop, suddenly he had to come across with an error code 0x0000005 along with an error message that the application cannot be started. He even face various .dll file errors and bad image errors as well.

The user even added that apart from the above application, the user even faced the above errors with other applications like Microsoft word, Drop-box and more.

Problem while starting the system

With the above issue, error while starting PC is quite common. However, in the case of Fredrick, the problem is bit different. A month back, this Windows user fitted a brand new motherboard. Unfortunately, since then he is facing issue in starting up his computer system. By any chance, if the computer starts, he had to come across with issue in opening applications. Each time all these issues occur, he had to come across with ntdll.dll error related to DLL problems. The user went for varied ways to get rid of this issue, however nothing came out positive.

Issue with Windows 10

Times come when Windows 10, the most trending Windows version, had to come across with the above error. According to Wells, a Boston native, soon after upgrading his system from Windows 8 to 10, he is unable to any task on it. Every time he turns on his PC he comes across with a RunDLL dialogue box popup that mentions, there is a problem in starting the system and the specified module could not be found.

To avoid this error, he scanned his PC using CCleaner and even re-installing the operating system. However, none helped his system to work normally.

Issue with booting

Due to the above mentioned error, many users had to come across with this issue. According to Philip, a Windows 7 user, every time he boots his computer he have to face two error messages C:\\Windows\usetizoyiziyemam.dll and C:\\Windows\msctod.dll. He tried to fix it but nothing all his efforts failed.

Constant freezing of the system

Repetitive freezes and crashes while running an important task on the system is quite irritating. In the words, a New York based Windows user, Richie, whenever he runs any application on his Windows 7 desktop PC, he had to face constant freezes. Every time he come across with this issue, he had to re-start his system. To get rid of this problem due to DLL problem, he varied ways, but nothing came out positive.

Recommended solution

Are you finding the above errors common with your PC? Are the popup related to DLL issue, troubling you now and then? Then without any delay install a perfect fixer. You might come across with many tools on different online portals promising to fix the above error related issues but those tools might not satisfy your PC. In order to deliver a permanent solution to fix DLL error, download DLL Suite. Unlike any other average tool, this professional tool will work on your PC proficiently. This tool will not only fix the above mentioned issues but all the DLL error issues.

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