Wininet dll error

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Resolving the wininet dll errors

Dll errors can wreak havoc with the system. It might cause applications to crash, system to freeze and at times even the normal updates won't be working. During such a predicament situation, it is highly advisable to opt for a permanent solution for the troubles. So, do you want a permanent solution, then this write-up will certainly help you.

Windows XP system freezes

You need to be aware about the screen freezing problem, if you are working with Windows XP. At some point, it might occur when the system will freeze and stall work. You think that just virus scanning will resolve the issue? Well, not really. The issue might turn out to be grave, if after some time you find that the PC does not work like before. Generally during such problems, the desktop turns blank completely without any icons and just an error message. The message reads that it is a wininet dll error and the dll file cannot be found in the explorer.exe. If you are an amateur and desire an instant fix, then downloading a professional fixer is the best call.

System error in Windows 7

When you are working with Windows 7, then the System Error might hit the screen. The message usually shows that it is a SynTPEnH.exe error of the system. The message runs long and reads that the program does not start due to the wininet.dll error as the dll file is missing from the system. To fix the problem, reinstallation of the program is necessary. It is a known fact that reinstalling any application after such an error message will never resolve the issue. The only solution is to download the missing dll file into the PC and probably then only the error message will go away and the issue might get resolved.

No application or updates work

What happens when no applications work and even the Windows update will not run in the system? The PC becomes redundant, right? At this point, when the wininet dll problem message pops up saying the dll file is missing, your instant reaction might be to run the System File Checker and resolve the issue. Well, such wininet.dll problems are not so easily resolved. The System File Checker will come clean without any problems and even a virus scan will get you nothing. Only restoring the dll file in the Windows registry will help in solving the issue permanently.

Internet Explorer stopped working

When the Internet Explorer of the system does not work, then problems might seem grave. At this juncture, a sneak-peak into the Event Viewer is essential. Access the event log from the search bar of the Start Menu and you will come across the details of the application crash. The details will let you know that the iexplore.exe file is the application giving trouble due to the wininet.dll problem. The exception code is c0000005 and the exception offset is 00031d10. Resetting the settings of the application or running the application in 'no add-ons' mode will not help.

The smart fixer

When you are facing such issues with the wininet.dll module, then opting for the DLL Suite is certainly the right decision. This tool is certainly one of the finest dll fixers available and highly recommended by many experts. The software tool helps in fixing dll issues from the registry and also enables to download new files without any problems. From system crashes to screen freezing, this fixer fixes everything.

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