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Solving Windows errors is less troublesome is a dll file fixer like DLL Suite is installed on the system.

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Running a dll file fixer to repair file used by Windows applications

People have probably heard plenty about how Windows operates largely on Dll files. Third party programs installed on this system use these files as well. Configurations on those applications will allow a program to read certain Dll files. The concept behind this is to enable that program to load faster and work smoothly. It's also supposed to reduce the number of errors that can be produced by the programs too. But this last factor varies on each computer. Clients do describe various Dll errors when loading programs. These users had to run a dll file fixer to straighten out troubleshooting.

The impact a broken Dll has on applications:

Ruth Miller was one of these users that ran a dll file fixer on her computer. The system had run a full Disk Check scan of the system just after it booted up. Then she started to see this Bad Image error following this scan. The errors could be viewed only when running any of the programs installed the PC. It always had the same message about one dll file in particular. It was installed on the Windows system 32 folder and has some kind of error on it. Along with this, the error also detailed that the file wasn't designed to run on this Windows computer.

A dll repair tool offers a custom fix solution:

That Dll file could be reinstalled though the system installation media. Since Ruth did not have this media, she ran the system file checking facility. The utility did not undo the error and neither did reinstalling any of the programs. The one thing that was left was to run repairs on Windows. Doing this manually would be very laborious and the Windows scanners weren't working. She had installed a dll file fixer only after browsing through the Event logs. A number of Dll files had been mentioned on these logs and felt that the DLL Suite dll file fixer software would be helpful because:

1. The dll files would have to be replaced and this was the only way to do that.

2. The tool came with a unique way to search for the Dll files for her Windows PC.

3. These weren't just any files, but the files that were the correct versions as well.

4. Reinstalling the files was also a very simple task too. The tool had some instructions on it.

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