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Scan and fix DLL is missing error on Windows

When users see software bugs on the PC, it is possible that its DLL files are corrupted. The files can also be changed by installing new software too. In some cases, people will have trouble starting the computer up. Windows comes with a number if utilities on it that can help out here: System File Checker, Windows Resource Protection and Disk Check-up.

The use of these Windows features are advised for fixing any DLL is missing error. These utilities are little complicated for people to use. They all need to be started up through the Command Prompt. The process is supposed to verify, scan or fix all kinds of system files.

Applications that don't load:

The DLL missing issues are general Windows errors. Numerous Windows applications that use it are also affected by it too. A few Adobe Suite applications installed on Jake Boyle's Windows 10 PC didn't load because of a damaged msvcp110.dll file. They had produced this missing DLL error when they were launched. The problem had started right after this system was installed. The only other solution for this was a very tough one. Various Microsoft C++ Redistributable Packages had to be installed. The client didn't know what version of this package to install. He also wasn't sure where they could find it and wanted a faster error fix.

Windows can't boot without the right DLL files:

Applications aren't the only software that relies on DLL files. There is separate category that is reserved only for the Windows system. That means, booting or using the system will lead to DLL not found errors too. This kind of issue was found on Ryan's computer. He got a similar error when booting up the computer. This one described it as a missing entry with only one RunDLL file. The error had also contained the drive location address of this file too. He had gone to the C drive but had located the file there. Windows had managed to load and didn't seem to be any after effects.

Replacing DLL files to solve this Windows issue:

So what is the solution here either of these DLL was not found errors? The DLL files on these systems had not been installed correctly. Wrong file installation will leave the file in a damaged state. The term used to describe this condition on the PC is corruption. Other times, the DLL files may have been misplaced. This happens only when upgrading a program or when installing new applications. These factors can be verified by:

Checking the contents of the recycle bin. This helps with making sure that the file wasn't deleted.

Download vital files for use by the Windows system. Such as the Redistributable packages.

Set the Start-Up Type to Automatic. This setting is found on the Windows Services tab.

These are a few measures that are suggested for following up any .dll is missing problem. They checked to see if files are missing and instantly replace them. There are times when the suggestions don't work and users have no other recourse. They either do without the applications or reinstall Windows. The DLL Suite file replacer tool was the other solution these clients had. They only had to install the tool on the computers and then search for files. The programs replaces both DLL and .exe files used by application or Windows.

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