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The computer runs with the help of various files and tools. These files aid the computer in processing and giving back data necessary for the user for day-to-day activities. An error in these files can create a huge amount of problems for the users and lead to different issues in the functioning of the computer. The issues in these files can be due to missing or corrupt DLL files, outdated system files and so on. These problems in the files happen mostly due to user oversight. In most cases, an incorrect installation of Windows or an improper removal or installation of a certain program can lead to the errors in these files.

The user can search DLL solutions online but they must use their due diligence before applying those solutions on their computer, because in most case, these solutions can cause a lot more damage to the computer.

Here are few examples where the DLL error caused issues for the user worldwide:

Windows Explorer Crashes:

Sometimes the Windows Explorer faces DLL issue and crashes at random interval. A user named Vincent Cortez had a computer with Windows 10 operating system. He had recently updated the operating system and after the update, the computer faced issues due to the Windows Explore crashing. The program crashed every time Vincent tried to search dll file or folders on the C:\ drive or open any random application. The event viewer pointed towards the faulty module ntdll.dll and probably the Windows Explorer was crashing because of it. He tries to correct the issue by running the SFC /ScanNow command and the DISM tool. However, that did not solve the issue.

Cases of application crashing:

Sometimes an application crashes due to DLL errors and if you search the event viewer, you can sometimes find the correct reason behind the crash. One user named Peterson had a computer with Windows 8. The application Microsoft Project 2010 crashed every time he tried to close the application. Although, he was able to save the data, still it was very annoying for Zane to carry on working with the application. The crash report mentioned Pj11od11.dll as the faulty module. To correct the issue, Zane removed and then reinstalled the application twice on the computer. However, that did not stop the crash from happening. Also, he disabled the add-ons in the application. But nothing really happened.

Periodically after an upgrade of Windows, the application crashes on the computer and if you search for a reason, the DLL could be at fault. In one instance a Windows 7 user named Baker had recently upgraded his computer to Windows 10. After the upgrade, the Facebook application would crash every time he tried to open the chat box of the application. The event viewer on the computer pointed towards error-ridden Windows.UI.Xaml.dll and most probably it was causing the issue. To resolve the problem, Dean removed and reinstalled the application on his computer. Also, he reset the Windows Store by clearing the Windows Store cache. But that too did not solve the issue.

Virus issues in Windows:

In some cases, a virus infection on the computer can lead to various DLL related issues. If the users search computer, the DLL files in the Windows Registry may seem corrupted or lost. One user named Ruth had a computer with Windows 7 operating system. he had recently downloaded an application which was itself ridden with a collection of viruses. The viruses corrupted the DLL files, specifically the dnsapi.DLL, which made the computer slow and it took a long time to start. To correct the issue, Noah ran the Microsoft Security Essentials. The software was somewhat successful in getting rid of the viruses present in the computer but could not repair the damaged DLL files. To repair the damaged files, Noah needed a reliable and dependable DLL error fixer which could easily solve the issue.

Well-known solution to deal with the issue:

Users can end their search on DLL file fixers and simply add the amazing DLL Suite on the computer system. This application can solve all DLL related issues in no time. It certainly has the ability to make the computer run again. This DLL error fixing software corrects faulty DLLs by replacing it with the correct ones. This tool is the most efficient DLL error fixer available in the market today. So now start to search Windows DLL for free.

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