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Many times, applications and programs tend to crash and malfunction due to some errors in DLL files. This can interfere with the smooth running of your computer. This can be very annoying for everyone. Every application on the computer consists of various kinds of DLL files, it can be very irritating if even one of them goes missing. Thus, it can lead to a lot of errors in your system.

It cannot be fixed manually

Many dll errors can occur without any prior warning. It is possible that you can receive error messages related to Windows Search.dll error. Purchasing and running multiple registry cleaners doesn't work. A lot of people tend to reboot the system and turn off certain setting in Control Panel to get rid of this error, but it is of no use. Due to this error, upgrading your Windows or Adobe programs can be a hassle. If you operate Windows 7, it is more likely that you will encounter this error once in a while. Due to this DLL error, your desktop icons can keep moving around the desktop even if you did not change the viewing settings. Reinstalling Windows, un-checking Windows search, carrying out chkdsk, performing sfc /scannow and scanning with a virus also doesn't help much.

DLL files can also go missing at times. Usually files like CBSCreateVC.dll, DAQExp.dll and CBSProductsInfo.dll can disappear without any reason. At first when these files go missing, you might not find any kind of issues with the PC or malfunctioning of certain programs, but as time passes and these files remain missing, it can cause a lot of havoc to your system and your PC can behave rather strangely. These missing DLLs are associated with a program called Wondershare Software Products, though removing this program from your PC doesn't really clean up the mess. If you want to fix this error code, it can be difficult for you to search and overwrite these DLLs. This error also instigates Windows explorer to crash randomly. This occurs when you try to search for certain items on the C drive and if you try to open a file within any third party application.

These errors can cause problems during PC startup

Usually a clean boot is performed so that you can start Windows using minimal set of start-up programs and drivers. This aids to eliminate software conflicts during updating or running a certain program, but sadly clean booting doesn't always help to search for missing dll files. Vague problems can also occur during startup. It is possible that you can be greeted with a message saying wshelper.exe has gone missing. Microsoft usually advises to reinstall the program to fix it, but it doesn't always work. Running Sfc/scannow also fails to detect this error. If you encounter such an error in future, you should not perform System Update Readiness tool DISM, clean boot by using minimal startup programs and drivers or starting your computer in safe mode, because these will not completely assist you in fixing the error.

Sometimes, you can also experience some DLL errors which make your PC extremely slow. In a case like this, you might not succeed to search the missing dll and you might feel like reinstalling it. For example, at2arv.dll is a DLL file which is present in your local directory under the desired user name. Some people tend to use AVG PC Tune-up to fix this issue, but it rarely helps. Malware on your PC can also cause this error code to pop up, though anti-virus scans are not always successful. Using Microsoft Configuration tool, reinstalling/uninstalling Windows and running clean boot in Safe Mode also doesn't help in fixing this DLL error.

Some programs fail to launch

Missing DLL files can also cause problems if you want to install or run certain programs and applications. If you are a user of an application called Media Go in your Windows PC, then while launching the application, you can get an error code saying, the program is unable to start because VCOMP140.DLL has gone missing from your computer so reinstallation is advisable. It can be very frustrating if you are not able to listen to your favorite songs on your computer. It can also be difficult to search for this dll and recover it. Using third party recovery services, running Sfc/scannow and performing a clean boot doesn't work at all times.

How can you get rid of this error?

It is recommended to download and install DLL Suite if you are not able to search and repair missing dll files. This will not only solve the DLL errors, but will also make your PC function faster and protect it from malicious software.

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