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You might share the opinion that a computer without any application software is useless. All the work that you do on the computer are with the help of apps. However, if you end up installing a lot of applications, then that too is bad for the system.

You see, every app you install on the system comes with a collection of files. The more the number of files, the more will be the chances of corruption and compatibility issues. These issues can end up undermining the system performance. Hence utmost care should be taken to avoid said situations. A few examples are provided below for understanding purposes.

OneNote 2013 is Crashing on Sync

OneNote is a Microsoft Office notebook application packing many useful features. One of the added advantages of using OneNote is that you can use the app on your desktop as well as phone. This gives you the benefits of making complex notes on the desktop and viewing them on your phone. Again, you can use the phone app to take quick notes on the run and revisit them at home on your desktop.

However, this synchronicity between the desktop and phone application can become erroneous. For example, there are error reports that the phone app doesn't reflect any changes made to the desktop app and vice versa. Such issues can take out all the convenience of using the software. Now people who have faced such issues mentioned citing api-ms-win-core-synch-l1-2-0.dll. If you face similar problems, you can search for the dll file on your PC, and if it is not found, then that might be the cause for the problem.

Google Chrome is Not Opening on PC

One of the most vital uses of computers is to gain access to the internet. Now this is achieved with the help of net browsing software. And among all the internet browsers, Google Chrome has made a name for itself. In fact, the application is bundled in with so many features that it is much more than a browser. You can do a plethora of tasks using Google Chrome itself. However, this software too can fall victim to errors and problems.

For example, there are reports of the app not opening due to KBDCA.dll file was missing. While trying to open the app, the error message popped up on the screen informing the same. Now until you search and find the dll in mention, or download a new one, this problem is unlikely to be solved.

McAfee Fails to Scan System

It is important that you regularly scan the system for viruses and malware threats. This is important to keep the system safe from these type of problems. However, some internal problems can inhibit the antivirus from functioning properly, thus leading way to virus related problems.

Here is an instance revolving around the said issue. People have reported McAfee failing to scan the system and prompting an error message. The error dialogue box informed that ieaksie.dll file is missing from the system. If you are faced with similar problems, you have to search for the dll file and load it to solve the problem.

Error While Using CCleaner

CCleaner is a popular junk file cleaning software. It helps by removing all the temp files, cookies and other 'junk' files to optimize CPU and RAM. However, sometimes while opening the application an error message might show up, causing an app crash. Most of the error reports, containing similar incidents cited that a missing orfast.dll file was the reason behind the mal-performance. Hence, much like the previous cases, here too you will have to search for the missing dll file and replace it if you want to fix the issue.

Error Message on Startup

You might be aware of the fact that you can program some apps to open directly at startup. Now if any of the apps that are programmed to do so, are faulting then error messages can show up directly during startup. However, the problem can also be due to wholly other reasons like any system file corruption. Hence this issues can become rather difficult to diagnose. Some of the most common start up errors reported cites problems with rundll.dll

Handling DLL Problems on the System

No matter how much ironical it may seem, but the problem with over installing software can be fixed with installing another software. For example, if you have installed an app like DLL Suite, then the program can search for compromised DLL files and replace them to fix problems. This is in fact the most effective and seamless means for tackling computer problems.

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