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There is no dearth of customers who keep on complaining about issues that are directly or indirectly caused by corrupted or missing dll files. These people from all around the globe are in desperate search for quality dll error rectification tools, which are competent enough to solve the DLL issues. The tools that they find for free are not competent enough to solve the issues that are caused by missing or corrupted DLL files. The reason being, the issues are pretty complicated. Here are only a few of them.

Cannot run Windows 7

Many people find that they are not able to run Internet Explorer on Windows 7 and are frustrated by Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library error whenever they try so. For instance, Gable from Kentucky complained that whenever she wanted to run her computer with Windows 7 abroad, it returns an APPCRSASH along with a faulty module name msvcrt.dll.

This is caused when the msvcrt.dll and the kernel32.dll files are either missing or not found, or are not in sync with the version of Windows that is being used. It also happens when the Windows Registry files are either missing or are corrupt. Or this happens when there is virus or malware infestation, or any software has been installed or uninstalled in an improper way. This issue also happens when the drivers are outdated. She told that she is in search for a dll error repair tool that is competent enough to take on this type of issue and solve it. The fact is, she can solve this issue only with the help of certain quality dll repair tools, which are developed solely to solve these issues.

Fatal Error on Windows

There are times, when some customers are frustrated by fatal error on Java Runtime Environment, whenever they try to start up Windows 10. Vernon from Casablanca complained that whenever he wants to run any application, he is frustrated by an Exception Access Violation error message. Immediately after this error is displayed, the system crashes out, returning a BSOD, or Blue Screen of Death.

This happens when the Windows sys or system files are either damaged or missing. This is also caused by entries of corrupted system or sys files or DLL files, which are potential threats for the systems. He was told that his search for a DLL fix tool has finally come to an end.

Microsoft Office Word suddenly stopping while working

Suddenly some people like Shah from Bethlehem raised an issue, wherein he told that he is not able work on Microsoft Office Word. The Microsoft Office application can start off, but soon after it stops working and returns an error message on Windows 8.1. The error says that the application cannot run as the C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office 15 \ ClientX64 \ ApiClient .dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.

This happens when there is fault installation of Microsoft Office, which results in the critical ApiClient.dll missing. This also happens if clients have upgraded Windows but improperly, wherein the lower version of the file gets into a conflict with the current version causing the issue. Search for dll files fixer tools should come to an end for the customers, once they come across a tool that is of superior quality and that is exclusively developed to deal with this issue.

Access denied error while running Microsoft Office Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook at times goes beyond reach of customers like Croydon from New Jersey. He complained that whenever he wants to run Microsoft Office Outlook, he gets an access denied error.

This happens when the hard drive or a dll file that has been chosen are protected by password or is encrypted, or the system is infected by a virus or malware, which has acted upon critical DLL files crippling them. The virus can be seen off with the help of the virus removal tools, which are of better quality. After this, he can see off this issue with the help of a quality dll fix tool. For this, his search for dll error rectifier tools has to be perfect. He claimed that he was able to solve the issues with the help of the tools that he found for free.

However, the reprieve was only short lived as the solution was only temporary. He also tried to solve the issue by trying the troubleshooting steps like uninstalling Microsoft Outlook and reinstalling it, running Windows in safe mode and the likes. Yet, nothing improved.

The solution that counted

In spite of, his rigorous search for the right dll error fixing tool, the tool that ultimately made his day was none other but the DLL Suite software. This tool helps search Windows dll files and download them for free.

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