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To search for a solution for handling DLL issues, one must install the exclusive DLL files fixer on the system, such as DLL Suite.

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A number of issues can show up on the computer if there are some issues in the dll files of the system. The dll file can get corrupted and therefore the system might not be able to find those. Such type of instances have been discussed in this article.

Issues while using Easy BCD:

The user might have been using a HP Pavilion laptop with preinstalled Windows 8.1 Operating System. The program EasyBCD helps in dual booting the system. However, while using it, the user may see that it is crashing. To know the details of the issue, the user may check the Event Viewer. The user can access the Event Viewer from the start menu of the system. It may show that the faulting application name is EasyBCD.exe and the faulting module responsible for the crash is kernelbase.dll. It may also show the exception code is 0xe0434352 and the faulting process id 0x15e8. The search for this dll repair may stop at this article. Such an issue might occur because of some corruption in the application or in the system.

Installation faults relating to McAfee:

The users may sometimes experience the issue of installing McAfee. The software may not install on the system. The Operating System installed on the user's Dell Vostro laptop might be Windows XP. While installing, the system may show that the file msc mcmscins.dll is missing. This type of issue might appear when the system has already installed another antivirus software. Dell computers are sometimes supplied with preinstalled security software which may cause some issues in installing McAfee. The user may try to remove all the traces of the previously installed security software so that the installation of McAfee can be completed. The user may try to search the missing dll files for free on the Windows system but it will not yield any result. The file might also get corrupted thereby showing this issue.

Errors in printing:

The user may have been using a Dell XPS 420 that is running on Windows Home Premium with Service Pack 2. The user may encounter some issues while trying to print something. The issue may show 'acrord.exe - bad image'. The error tab might also show that C:\Windows\ system32\ msftedit.dll is not configured to run on Windows or it can contains some infection. It may also suggest the user to reinstall the program by using the original installation media. Such issues in printing may show up after the user fails to install some updates on Windows.

The user may see that the computer is running slow after this issue. The user may not be able to search for the corrupted dll without using an appropriate tool.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Organizer crash:

The Operating System installed on the Lenovo laptop of the users might be Windows 7. The user may encounter the crash of Adobe Photoshop Elements Organizer. If the user checks the Event Viewer from the start menu, then the exact details can be found. The Event Viewer might show that the application name is PhotoshopElementsOrganizer.exe. The module that helped in the crash of the application is ntdll.dll. The user may notice that the application is crashing when there are some videos in the catalogue. After this issue, the user may search for a dll repair tool so that the issue can be eliminated.

To stop this issue, the user may also try to reinstall all the programs of Adobe. However, the issue may seem to still exist.

Errors in opening Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2014:

While using a Samsung PC with Windows 10, the user may also have to use the software Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2014. The user may have been using the software without any issues. However, soon after the installation of some updates on Windows, the user may see some issues in using the software. The user may get an error message stating that engineInterop.dll could not be loaded. The user may try to reinstall the application. However, the issue might still stay. The search for the dll file on the internet might not be fruitful.

Downloading any random files can cause harm to the system. The user may try to conduct System Restore before the updates were installed. The issue might also occur because of some compatibility issues of the software with the Operating System.

Fixing the issues:

A number of issues on the system may appear showing that some dll files are missing. The computer user may not know the exact solution to such issues. The users must therefore adopt a reliable and effective tool such as the DLL Suite. This tool helps in fixing and replacing corrupted and missing dll files. Some other issues on the system can also be solved using this tool.

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