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DLL errors can occur in any Microsoft Windows Operating System and it can create a whole lot of issues on it; to resolve such faults successfully, you can download the DLL Suite software on the system.

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DLL errors are really troublesome and can affect all Windows PC. A system contains multiple versions of the same DLL file. So if any of the file goes missing or gets corrupt, then it can affect the whole system. Many programs might fail to work and there can be issue in application installment as well. Read the article to know more about the issue and to search for the best dll files fixer.

Windows explorer crashes randomly

After updating their Windows PC to Windows 10, many users are complaining of having issue with Windows Explorer. The users complain that their Windows Explorer crashes randomly. The crash generally happens while searching for any item on C drive. Sometimes the error also happens while trying to open any file within any third party application. This kind of issue generally happens due to missing dll files. To fix the issue, user tried SFC scan, online clean up tool any many more, but they did nothing to resolve the problem. Then he reinstalled Windows 10 in his PC but to no avail.

To fix the issue, users can search for DLL error fixer and download it in your PC.

Issue with Microsoft Outlook

A user complained of having problems in his PC after upgrading Microsoft Office Outlook 2015 to Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 in Office 365. He uses Windows 7 PC. He says that when Microsoft Office Outlook runs, everything seems to be working fine. But in the Event Viewer, he notices two errors that continuously shows up at every short interval, though the files that error refers to are in correct place.

He checked his PC for any kind of malware or virus, but didn't find any. To fix the issue, he did a repair and made sure all previous versions of Microsoft Office Outlook were removed including all the registry stuff. He tried safe mode but the problem still occurs even with all the add-ins removed.

Users can search for a good DLL repair tool online and download them in their PC.

Bad Image error in Windows 8

While doing Windows boot, users can get constant Bad Image error along with an error message notifying that datamngr.dll is either not designed to run on his Windows PC or it contains an error. A user complains that he faces similar issue in his Windows 8 PC. He says that the error message pop up during boot and continues until desktop is visible. The error also happens when he tries to open other things on the computer. He ran malwarebytes but found nothing. He even used the registry cleaner to clean up the unnecessary registry entries, but even then the issue could not be fixed.

It is not advised to use registry cleaner to clean the registry or try any manual method for fixing complicated PC problem, this kind of actions might do some serious harm to the PC. To fix the issue, users could search for dll fixing tool online and get rid of the problem.

Facebook crashes in Windows 10

After updating Windows 7 64 bits to Windows 10 64 bits, many users are complaining of having issue in running some application. A user complains that after updating Windows with Windows update, his Windows Facebook app crashes randomly when trying to open the chat. In the error log, he found that the issue is caused due to faulting module Windows.UI.Xaml.dll.

To fix the problem, he uninstalled and reinstalled the application twice but that did not help. Then he ran SFC as administrator but that too did not help. In such cases, users need to search for a DLL repair tool online and get rid of the issue permanently.

Issue with Internet Explorer 11

Due to DLL errors, many users are having problem with Internet Explorer application. A user complains that after upgrading his internet explorer 10 to internet explorer 11, he is facing error with the application. The browser fails to open any website and blank page is shown in the tab bar.

He reinstalled the application, but that didn't fix the issue. He even rebooted the PC in safe mode, but that didn't work either. To fix the issue permanently, users can download dll error fixing software.

Ways to troubleshoot the issue

The best way to troubleshoot DLL error is by downloading DLL Suite in the PC, one can search for DLL fixing tool online and install it in their machine. This software is a great repair tool which will easily fix all DLL faults that hovers on the computer and makes it slow and sluggish in nature.

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