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For fixing dll file issues from the computer, you need to search and install DLL Suite on the PC.

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The DLL files are one of the most important components of the Windows Operating System installed computers. You can get multiple issues in your computer from all types of program files. The computer might get issues from installed applications or even during boot. The computers might get issues like error messages and codes on the screen. You need to fix the problems as soon as possible, otherwise you may not be able to use the computer in long run. Read the below mentioned problems to know more about DLL file issues and their solutions.

Issues with third party software:

A User in her laptop got an error while using Capture NX2, the image editing software. When she tried for editing images using this software, an msvcr80.dll file error message came up. Software got an APPCRASH where the DLL file name is mentioned as fault module. It was C runtime library error, this error happened because there was a bug in the program. The computer running on Windows 7 64 bits Operating System had stopped even connecting with the camera for importing images.

Another computer running on Windows 7 Professional 32 bits Operating System showed an error while opening Incredimail. The computer failed to open this mailing application, not only that but also a message came up on the screen. The message said that the wininet.dll file was missing from the computer. The DLL file error message also mentioned an error code 80000003. The last change in the PC was installing updates for example kb3132372 and KB3133431. Probably it was the reason behind mail appcrash error. Both of the users tried to search dll files fixing tool but did not get a good one.

Device related issues in PC:

The user connected a printer in the computer and promptly an error message came up on the screen. The error message said that Function Discovery Print Provider DLL or FDPrint.DLL had stopped working. The computer was installed with Windows XP Pro 64 bits Operating System. The user getting this error installed all available updates including printer driver, but the problem did not solve. The error message also appeared on the screen while using the Ink Cartridge Replacement facility in the Printing Preferences. The user continued to search dll file repair tool for removing the error.

While installing Canon CanoScan LiDE200 USB Scanner in a computer, the user got restricted by a DLL error. The scanner installation was stopped by an error message that said PC had insufficient memory. The user tried to remove all junk files from the computer manually. Still the Canon scanner did not work. Then he had tried for using another one Epson Scan 3.04 scanner. Surprisingly, this one worked fine in the computer. Probably the previous one had program file missing that could be solved by searching the dll file.

Appcrash faults in PC:

A computer installed with Windows XP Home 32 bits Operating System showed an error while using the Microsoft Office Outlook. The computer was completely installed with all updates, still the mailing application showed an application error. This error took place after enabling IMAP and POP account of the mail. On trying to open the mail app, the user received an error message that said the application had stopped working. The message also said that there must be a program causing the issue. This was a appcrash event and did not stop after following the search dll Windows process to get the corrupted one, but that did not work.

Other issues in PC:

A Toshiba laptop running on Windows Vista 64 bits Operating System showed an error during boot. The computer did not boot well mentioning LogiLDA.dll file error. The error message said that the specified module is missing from the computer. He had installed all the updates in the computer, but that did not help him to remove the file problem. He assumed it primarily as a boot manager error, but later it was found as a dll error. He then tried to search DLL files fixer for removing the problem. In general, this kind of error popped up on the screen if there are invalid entries in registry or the computer could not detect the program files.

Removing the faults in a simple manner:

To remove the problems mentioned above in this article, you may search for DLL repair tool, the best tool is the DLL Suite. You should download it from a legitimate website. You should not download any crack of this software for it may simply disrupt the computer system.

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