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Seeking the perfect solution to explorer.exe

Commonly known as Windows Explorer, explorer.exe is the process that manages all the programs incorporated in the Windows Graphical Shell that includes - Task bar, Desktop, Start Menu and File manager. Windows explorer is one of the most crucial and handy feature on Windows OS that even allows the user to browse files on computer easily. When it comes to navigating any file, it is the explorer that assists. However in any case, the process, explorer.exe removes then the Windows' whole graphical interface go disappear bringing in much issues to the computer.

There are many users found on varied forums, reporting against explorer.exe problem. In this write-up, you are going to discuss with some of those issues that most face, and the ways to fix those.

Common complaints with explorer exe problem

High memory eat up - This is a very common issue that most users complain. According to Justin, a Windows user, while running his computer, every time he is coming across with a popup prompting that this error has started to spike up and used up 50% of CPU and above 3000000 of memory. He also added that this is leading to slow down his PC and scared for any further damage.

Random crashes - In the words of another user, when he launches any type of files be it jpg, doc or txt, through explorer, his explorer go crash, showing explorer.exe error. Even when he creates a new file through explorer he comes across with the same issue over again. It has been a week long problem to him, that go unresolved even after trying varied tools and suggestions.

Switching issue from browser to explorer - This is also a crucial problem with explorer.exe. According to a Windows 10 user, Andrek, whenever he is trying to switch automatically from browser to file explorer without minimizing the browser window, he fails.

Steps to fix issues related to explorer.exe

Individuals who are facing with the above mentioned issues, or issues that relate to the explorer exe error can adopt the below are manual steps in order to one get rid of this problem.

Open the Run prompt from the start menu and search from regedit.exe.

Then the Registry Editor Window will open.

Click on the location HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\Windows.

Among the two sections of this registry location, click on the Windows folder from the left pane.

From the right pane of the location, find the registry string type REG_SZ that is Load, and delete it.

Manual steps hardly provide any permanent solution to any issue. However, if the above steps fail to work, then go for the alternative option, the automatic method to get rid of the problem. In automatic method, users find permanent solution to any particular problem easily. Here, all you need to head over to a trustable site, and install an explorer.exe fixer tool. DLL Suite can work in this case. This amazing tool is available in 25 different languages, assisting in every issues that individuals come across related to explorer.exe issues.

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