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In order to fix rundll32.exe error, it is suggested by technicians to install the trustworthy DLL Suite.

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Simple process to fix rundll32.exe error

The rundll32.exe is a piece of Windows executable files and is utilized to run program code in DLL modules, inside the memory of the file system. People may notice either a rundll.exe or a rundll32.exe file on their PC depending on the operating system. However, there are numerous viruses that utilize this name or related ones. This file is also used by spyware to send off the malware code on people's systems.

If this file gets corrupted or is not found that results in various problems. A person who is facing such issue must need a repair tool to fix the rundll32.exe error.

Browser cannot be opened:

Whatever browser a person may use he may not be able to open it. Every time he tries to click on the browser icon on the desktop he gets rundll32.exe error. It happens with Firefox as well as Internet Explorer.

He may try to manually fix rundll32.exe error but sadly, there is no manual way to resolve this issue.

Rundll32.exe file blocked by WSE:

WSE is Windows Security Essentials which is an anti-virus software providing protection from malware or virus attacks. Some people, however, say that they seldom face a problem where WSE blocks some legitimate programs. WSE blocks programs along with the primary rundll32.exe file. As the persons facing the difficulty do not know the root of the complication they are unable to fix rundll32.exe error.

Unable to open control panel:

People who are using Windows XP may sometimes be unable to open the control panel on their systems. They are not even able to open any program after the computer starts up. As they try to start any program or open control panel they get the message that says Windows is not able to find rundll32.exe file, as a result nothing seems to work.

An apt solution:

To resolve the issues faced because of rundll32.exe file mishaps, a person must install a repair tool. Troubleshooting the difficulties without the help of such tool may be even more damaging to the system.

DLL Suite is a software application that is equipped to fix rundll32.exe errors in a moment.

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