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Solution to remove DLL missing issues from Windows 7

Pop-ups of error codes are quite common problems among Windows 7 users. Time comes when users now and then come across with repetitive pop-up of some alphanumeric codes along with a technical description while running any particular program on the system. These codes and messages are actually the indication of the internal growing issue of the system. Users, if facing the same issue, then it is the time to solve it. If this is not done, then this issue might bring in massive risk to the system in future.

Most of the issues arrive on the Windows 7 or above relates to missing of DLL errors. DLL file or Dynamic Link Library file is the library that assists all the programs to run normally. But time comes when these files go corrupt due a series of reasons that includes malicious attack of virus and malware, un-cleared or piles of junk files, missing or deletion of any crucial file, hard disk driver error and more. When these files go corrupt or missed or suffer from any other issues, Windows users come up on different forums to complaint against this. Below users will find some of the generic complaints along with the ultimate solution to get rid of error 'DLL missing Windows 7'.

Skype installation error

Skype, said to be one of the renowned video chatting and video conferencing site, at times face some serious error due to Windows 7 missing DLL files. According to David, whenever he tries to install Skype, it stops in between the process showing a DLL error message that there is an error in installing the application. The error is 'DLL is missing Windows 7'.

There are some other users who even find problem in running the Skype application. In words of Alice, while chatting with her friend, suddenly the application crashed down. When trying to re-open the program, a DLL error pop-up appeared saying a Dynamic Link Library file is either missing or corrupt to run the application. So how to fix error '.dll missing Windows 7'?

Sudden black out of screen

This is the other common DLL files missing Windows 7. Sometimes, due to a missing DLL file, the system may experience an abrupt error. According to Kristi, whenever she plays games on Facebook, suddenly her screen blacks out for few seconds and return to normal. This issue is quite irritating and annoying to her. She tried every possible way to get rid of this error by consulting Windows support, but she hardly found any permanent solution. The error is 'DLL not found Windows 7'.

Microsoft Excel stopped working

Microsoft Excel or the spreadsheet is one of the important application overcome any calculating task. At times, this application goes corrupt or stops working when any particular DLL file goes missing. According to the report of Elena, who runs Windows 7 with 32 bits version, whenever tries to use Microsoft Excel to perform her official tasks, she face a DLL error message. This message says that there is a problem in running the application. She tried a series of troubleshooting processes to get rid of this error, including system scan and cleaning of junk files, but those didn't help the application to run properly.

Random crash and automatic start-up

The most generic issue with DLL error is this. There are many users of Windows 7 who complaint against missing of DLL file error and Michelle is one of them. According to Michelle while running the system, suddenly the computer stops working following by severe crashes. Though the system starts up automatically, but the problem does not stop. According to this user, this error goes on repeating until the system is running. He tried to reboot the computer system on Safe Mode and even reinstalled it, however none could help him out in this situation.

Perfect solution to the error

Now and then if users are facing repetitive messages related to Windows 7 DLL missing, then here's the solution. Without any delay, it is suggested to head over to a certified error correction tool from a secured online portal. One might find many free tools on the internet promising to fix the above error. But those might bring in further risks. To find a permanent solution, users can install the DLL Suite, a product from VSKsoft. This tool will work on DLL errors professionally.

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