ntoskrnl.exe is missing

Uncertainly while running PC, if you come across with the error message ntoskrnl.exe is missing, without panic install DLL Suite.

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Solution to the Error Message: ntoskrnl.exe is missing

The ntoskrnl.exe or the short for Windows NT operating system kernel, is responsible for various system services - such as hardware process, hardware visualization and memory management. Soon after NTLDR and NTDETECT start-up files completes the basic loading hardware detection and subroutines, the further control over the start-up process is passed to ntoskrnl.exe, so that the Windows OS could start loading. However, if ntokrnl.exe, go corrupt or missed then the start up or boot process halts along with a message to install a copy of the file \system 32\ntoskrnl.exe or \system 32\ntoskrnl.exe is corrupt or missing.

Find the causes to this error

Ntoskrnl.exe can be caused by varied reasons, below are some of those:

Failure in Windows update or virus infection results in ntoskrnl.exe.

Improper shutdown of PC, unsafe removal of local, external or physical disk, sudden power loss can be the other reason to this error.

Invalid boot.ini configuration leads to this error. Boot.ini is a Microsoft initialization file found on prior to MS Windows XP operating systems. It is located on the root directory of the primary harddrive that is C:\ directory or the C Drive.

Common issues from ntoskrnl.exe error

This error is quite a critical error to handle. If not solved at the very beginning, it can lead to the following key issues that a PC generally face.

Slowdown of computer system speed.

Degrades the performance of the PC.

Removes crucial files or programs from the PC.

Violates system privacy.

Installs several malevolent files and programs to the computer system and more.

Ways to fix the error

Manual removal is risky and complicated enough that requires adequate PC skills. Pressing on Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together, and stop ntoskrnl.exe.bc virus process from the Windows Task manager and then rebooting the PC is one of the common manual method. Yet that might turn risky delivering a temporary solution for the removal. Therefore, is always suggested to head over to a permanent solution to this error by installing a DLL fixer from a secured site. DLL Suite from VSKsoft to remove ntoskrnl.exe error can better be preferred.

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