ntoskrnl.exe is missing

If the ntoskrnl.exe is missing then one may come across various complications. The problems can be solved by DLL Suite.

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Solutions when ntoskrnl.exe is missing

Ntoskrnl.exe is a very important executable file for a computer system. This file runs system services like hardware virtualization and memory management on a PC.

So, if the ntoskrnl.dll file is missing from a system or is corrupted that may lead to various complications.

Windows Vista does not start:

Service Packs are updates for a computer that removes some small errors as well as provide better security and performance. Jaden Anderson writes from Las Vegas saying that he recently has installed Service Pack 1 on his Windows Vista Home Premium.

Post installation the computer does not boot up anymore. He has tried to start the system in the Safe Mode but that does not work too. When the computer attempts to load Vista the error occurs saying ntoskrnl.exe is missing. The problem is so serious that even booting the system from reinstallation disc fails too.

BSOD on ASUS laptop:

Users often complain about various issues on their ASUS laptop. One such problem has been registered by William Fredrick who uses ASUS R500VD laptop. He recently has witnessed a BSOD on his computer with the error code 0xc0000221. As he runs minidump analyzer he gets to know that the Blue Screen of Death is caused because ntoskrnl.exe is missing.

He has tried to troubleshoot the difficulty by doing a factory restore but without any luck. When he starts his system it tries to automatically repair itself but that too fails.

Boot up error on Windows XP:

There are software updates that are released from time to time to keep the applications running smooth. Christopher Martin from Berlin has mistakenly shut down his Dell laptop when it has been in the middle of an update. He restarts the machine immediately, but it fails to boot up saying ntoskrnl.exe is missing.

Getting the error fixed:

Fixing errors related to ntoskrnl.dll file is not a piece of cake. Users may find it frightening to see such errors and take help from any random software. But that may endanger the system.

DLL Suite is an effective tool that resolves complications caused when ntoskrnl.exe is missing.

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