D3dx9_39.dll missing

To correct the issues when D3dx9_39 DLL is missing, please use DLL Suite.

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Solve D3dx9_39.DLL is missing error

The D3dx9_39.DLL is an essential part of the Windows Registry, which maintains and controls the computer and monitors the jobs assigned to it. When the D3dx9_39.DLL is missing from the computer, it faces different errors and issues which make the computer slow, programs installed in the system become unresponsive and the computer can even crash and cause Blue Screen errors.

In the given paragraphs, you will discuss different issues you faced due to the loss of the D3dx9_39.DLL file.

Error in installing the game Civilization IV

You had a computer with Windows 7 operating system. While playing the game Civilization IV, you faced an error which makes the game unresponsive. The error stated that the 'D3dx9_39 is missing' from the computer and a proper restoration of the same was required. You tried to restore the given DLL file in the computer but that did not solve the issue. After that, you removed and then reinstalled the game twice on the computer. But that too did not offer anything useful. You were unable to play the game on the computer and do not know how to resolve the issue.

The problem in running video applications:

You had recently used a computer with Windows Vistas operating system. While using the computer you saw that the videos on Hulu Desktop or Mozilla Firefox did not run and gave an error that ieframe.dll contains an error and 'D3dx9_39.DLL missing' from the Windows Registry. In addition to that, Internet Explorer did not open after repeated attempts on the device. You tried to solve the matter with the help of Microsoft Fixit, however, that did not solve the issue.

Windows Live Mail cannot run smoothly due to missing DLL file:

Once you worked on a computer which had issues with running the Windows Live Mail smoothly. The operating system of the computer was Windows 7. Evert time you tried to open a PDF attachment on the Windows Live Mail, the computer produced an error saying that the MSVCR71.dll and D3dx9_39 DLL missing from the computer. To solve the matter you simultaneously, removed and then installed both Windows Live Mail and Adobe Reader applications but could not resolve the problem.

Issues with Windows 8.1:

You had recently purchased a Windows 8.1 operating system from a local retailer. The Windows installation CD came with two disks, one belonging 32 bits and another one to 64 bits. Once you had successfully installed the 32 bits operating system, you considered upgrading the Windows to 64 bits. However, during the upgrade, the computer ran with an error and could not complete it. The error stated some issues with the D3dx9_39.dll and probably it led to the interruption in the upgrade.

How to solve this error

To solve the issues belonging to the 'missing D3dx9_39 DLL' error, one can download DLL Suite. This efficient application makes it easier to correct the errors on the D3dx9_39.dll for any novice user. It not only corrects the errors on the DLL but also, re-registers the newly installed DLL in the Windows Registry. A user-friendly application, this tool can be used by any novice user without any trouble.

This software is designed especially for the novice user who wants to solve the errors relating to the DLL on their computer.

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