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Solving issues related to missing DLL files

The DLL are very important part of the computer. These files work in the background and check the computer and the applications installed on it. But sometimes due to some reasons, these DLL files get accidentally deleted from the Windows Registry, which causes huge problems for the computer. The computer may face slow performance issues, the applications installed on the computer may become non-responsive towards user commands, and much such issue can crop up in the computer due to this. In this page, you will come to know about various issues which occur in the computer system due to missing DLL file error:

Problems while upgrading Windows:

You may sometimes face issues while upgrading Windows on your computer. Let's assume you had a computer with Windows XP. Recently you tried to upgrade the operating system with Window 7 and you tried the Custom installation with the help of Window 7 installation disk. The installation ran fine and you could see the desktop screen of Windows 7 operating system. But when you tried to restart the computer, the machine could not load the Windows and an error message popped up on the computer screen saying the computer was unable to load Windows due to a DLL file is missing. You could try various fixes like repairing the Windows or re-installing the operating system on the computer. But sometimes these measures do not solve the issue.

Problems during installation:

Let's assume you have a Toshiba Satellite A505 laptop with Windows 7 operating system. Sometimes you may face troubles while installing a new application on your computer due to a .dll file is missing. While trying to install a program, the computer may tell you that the MSVCP120.DLL file is either missing or corrupt and the laptop is unable to install the application. To solve the issue, you can install the missing DLL files from a random website on the internet. But it is better not to do that because most of the times, these random DLL files are themselves ridden with issue and problems.

Problems pertaining to application crashes:

Sometimes the applications installed on the computer crash and do not function properly due to DLL related issues. If you use the Microsoft Lync 2013, then sometime you may face issues in using the application. Suddenly the application may stop working and the computer may prompt an error message stating that the Microsoft Lync cannot start due to missing tmpod.dll. To solve the issue, you can try to repair the Microsoft Office Suite. Probably it may solve the issue, but if it doesn't, try reliable missing DLL file fixer to solve the issue.

Problems while trying to uninstall programs:

The issues of .dll missing files can even make it impossible for you to uninstall an application on your computer. Let's assume you have a laptop from HP with Windows 10 operating system. Whenever you try to uninstall the application on your computer Drop-box, the computer cannot complete the function and produces an error message that the application cannot be removed due to DLL files missing error, and you must look into Dropbox.exe.log for further help. You can try to correct this issue by doing a System File Checker scan on your laptop. But in some cases, this scan is unable to find and correct the errors.

Problems while running game applications:

The missing DLL files can even tamper with the games installed on the computer and make slow, non-responsive or even corrupt. If you play games like Call of Duty 4, then sometimes you may meet issues in running these games. The computer may not be able to start the program and let you know that DLL files like MSS32.DLL could not be found on the computer. If you are a novice user who does not know much about DLL or Windows Registry, then you must refrain from the manual fixes because you may, by some error of judgment, cause larger damage to the computer system. To solve this issue, you can use missing DLL file solution software which will solve the issue for you.

A remedy to tackle missing DLL issue:

To correct the given issues of missing DLL file, you can use the very reliable DLL Suite. This missing DLL files fixer can correct the DLL errors in a swift way. This DLL repair software corrects the issues of missing or corrupted DLL by downloading the correct and the latest version of the questionable DLL file. Also, it simultaneously re-registers them on the Windows Registry. Thus, this user-friendly tool gives an extra advantage to you.

You can use this .dll missing fix software with ease, and solve all your DLL related issues in no time.

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