Sxstrace exe error

The sxstrace exe errors can lead to failure in running specific programs; users can download DLL Suite in their computer system and get rid of the issue.

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Some common sxstrace exe related problems

'Side by side configuration' error can occur in PC while running any specific program and application. This error generally occurs when PC gets infected with a virus or malware. Sxstrace.exe problems can also occur in the PC if machine have low storage, if there is some issue with the driver, there is some computer registry error etc. For more information regarding sxstrace exe problems, please have a look at the article.

Error while starting sync manager

While trying to start HTC sync manager in Windows 7 64 bits PC, you can come across various errors. The sync manager might fail to start and you can get an error message saying that the "the application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect". You can try to solve the issue by checking registry and see if the issue is caused due to registry error. If there is no registry error then the issue can be caused by Microsoft Visual C++ problem.

To solve this you can try the following methods.

Uninstall sync manager, reboot the PC and then reinstall the application again.

Uninstall Microsoft Visual C++, reboot the PC and then reinstall the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++.

If this fails then you can restore the PC to the point when it was working fine.

Side by side configuration not working in Windows 10

Sxstrace.exe contains instructions that enable computer to carry out normal functions. Due to virus or malware attack, users can sometimes face Sxstrace exe problem in their PC. You can face issue while accessing web browser or any other program. While trying to open any web browser, you can get an error message saying that the application cannot be started. You can try various manual methods to fix the problem but they ensure no surety. To fix the issue completely, you should download Sxstrace.exe file fixer from the trusted website.

Problem in running Adobe program in Windows 7

After upgrading to Windows 7 Business from Windows Vista Business, you can find that many programs are not running in the PC, mainly Adobe programs. While trying to run the program, some error message might flash on screen. Then you can be asked to see the application event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail. Sometimes this Sxstrace.exe problem can happen if Microsoft Visual c++ is not working properly. You can try to fix the problem by updating the Microsoft Visual program to the latest one.

If that doesn't help solve the sxstrace.exe error then you can download Sxstrace.exe fixer from the verified website and solve the issue.

Best way to deal with the issue

The best way to deal with Sxstrace exe error is by downloading DLL Suite. This software professionally removes the error from the PC and helps it run smooth. This PC optimizer tool is compatible with all Windows OS. Users can easily install this software in their PC and resolve the dll issue.

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