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Some real life issues related to dll missing!

When the applications fail working or crash, then one might be aware that something is wrong with the system and needs to be fixed. It has occurred at times that errors pop up that say the missing dlls needs to be repaired. So, what can be done in such a situation? The particular file needs to be downloaded in the Windows registry, right! To know more, one needs to go through this article and find out the issues related to missing dll files.

The dll missing error in Skype

Skype is an application from where one can send instant messages and communicate with people from all across the world via text. Video conferences can also be conducted with the help of Skype. That's the reason why Middleton needed this application on the PC. He attempted to load the application in his system, but faced a fatal dll file is missing error. It said that something has gone wrong and the d3d9.dll is the missing file responsible for the problem. To resolve the dll file missing problem, he tried to update the Operating System and download the latest version of DirectX. This did not work for him, as the problem was with a few missing dll, which needed to be replaced in the registry.

Errors while downloading games

Playing games can be a hobby of many. Even Andrews loved playing games on her system. Her favourite was The Sims 3 game. She had purchased a new Dell Laptop a few days ago and decided to download the game on her new PC. She downloaded the game and attempted to install it. Everything went smooth. The problem occurred right after that, when an error message popped up, which said the program cannot start as the chrome_elf.dll is missing from the system and reinstalling the application might help in fixing the problem. The issue became detrimental, as she could not restart or turn off the PC. The dll missing file needed to be replaced by new downloads to resolve the problem.

Error after updating .NET Framework

The Windows Vista PC was not giving any trouble. The problem ensued as Salvatore was running a program and suddenly an error message popped up. This had happened after the .NET Framework was updated to the latest version. Within a day or two, all the applications stopped working and she started receiving the error message saying that the mfc71.dll is missing from the PC. The message also said that reinstalling the application might fix the problem. Starting the system in Safe Mode did not help that much. She decided that the Windows registry was corrupted and probably the missing .dll file needed to be replaced for solving the issue.

Microsoft Office Applications won't open

Working with the Windows 8 system on the Lenovo Laptop things were going great for Williams. The Problem occurred as she was unable to open any applications of the Microsoft Office Suite. She needed to work with Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Word and also Microsoft PowerPoint. But, whenever, she attempted opening any of the applications the error message popped up that said the .dll missing file needs to be replaced and it's the main cause of such problems. When the Microsoft Office Excel was opened, it however, it specifically mentioned that the xlintl32.dll is missing and reinstalling the entire Microsoft Office Suite would resolve the problem. She tried reinstalling Microsoft Office Suite, but it did not help at all.

Windows Live Mail errors

The Windows Live Mail is a mailing application that would work to send and receive mails, with or without attachments. When the program stops working one cannot send or receive any mails. Wakefield faced an issue, while she was trying to work with the program. At first everything was functioning smoothly, but as soon as she tried to send a mail, an error message appeared and the application crashed. The error claimed that the program would not work as the wldcore.dll is missing from the system. Reinstallation of the program again on the PC might help to solve the problem, but even after reinstallation was done, it did not help. Only fixing the corrupted Windows registry would help in resolving the issue.

McAfee Internet Security

McAfee is one of the most popular anti-virus software that scans the PC and makes sure malware related issue does not cause any havoc with the system. Taylor decided to install this anti-virus software on her system. She already had this software installed earlier, but for some reason had it removed. This time, after she attempted to reinstall the anti-virus software, she came across an error message. The message said that the wscapi.dll is missing from the system. She researched online and found that the dll is a system file that is related to the Windows Security Center. The file must have gone corrupted for some reason and needs to be repaired for the installation to be a success.

Resolving all such issues

When so many problems may hit the system, then finding a solution is important. So, to restore missing .dll files, it's essential to install the DLL SUITE. The tool helps to repair corrupted files of the registry and also replaces old files that are beyond repair. Dll files that are missing from the system are also downloaded safely and surely with the help of this fixer tool. Application crashes, start up errors and system hangs are addressed by installing this fixer!

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