Wininet.dll problem

The wininet.dll problem is caused due to a missing or corrupted version of the file, and to be able to fix the same, it is necessary to use DLL Suite.

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Stay aware of wininet.dll error and the solution

Initial Phase of Discussion:

Many years back, it used to be that when a PC failed to function in the manner in which it was necessarily designed to do, it wound up sitting on a test bench surrounded by a battalion of test equipment. But, with the gradual passage of time and the development in the field of technology, this is no longer the case. There are many specialized tools available for download which have taken up the responsibility of putting to rest most of the issues, which over time and again interfere with the normal functioning of the computer and at times even convert the system into nothing more than one sort of a mechanical junk. However; for the sole purpose of eliminating similar forms of issues including all of those explicitly related to Wininet dll error, it becomes absolutely necessary to look around only for a paid version of the error rectification tool. In this context, it ought to be remembered that free tools are only designed for being able to address issues which are of elementary nature and genre. So, they hardly qualify as a prudent choice.

Issues Due to Corrupted Files

All of a sudden, it is observed that a fault message appears right in front of the screen and this says something like - "The file - Wininet .dll has simply not been designed to run on Windows or most probably it contains an error". It is not always the case that such an issue remains triggered owing to the effect of a malicious genre of virus or Trojan. By running the "SFC/Scannow" command, though there are some types of corrupt files which can necessarily be detected, but none of them can actually be fixed. The most likely cause behind this specific type of the Wininet.dll error to get highlighted is possibly the required version of the dossier becoming corrupted, damaged or missing from its precise location. The good news is that a similar type of the fault can certainly be fixed, provided one is able to decide upon the recommended fixing tool available for download.

Procedure Entry Point Not Found

The file - Wininet dll is necessarily used by Windows for being able to maintain an effective control over a wide range of "Internet Protocol" options, which different software programs use for establishing an apt connection to the internet. So, chances are that an error message similar to - "It seems as though the Procedure Entry Point HttpIsHostHstsEnabled failed to be loaded in the dynamic link library wininet.dll" could always creep-in and interfere with the normal browsing activities. As a result of this type of Wininet dll problem, it happens that not even a single window is able to open and the un-installation phase of Internet Explorer 11 or any related updates cannot take place in the expected way any longer. While attempting to proceed with the uninstalling process, a message pops-up right in front of the screen saying something like - "There is no sufficient storage available to be able to complete the operation".

Applications Failing to Function

Again, the Wininet.dll problem at times remains associated along with a fault code best represented by the alphanumerical value as - 0xc0000020. This sort of a fault code gets highlighted for most of the applications and more often than not gets triggered after an upgrade to Windows 8.1 is necessarily performed. Some of the applications, which fail to work as a result of this, are - Viber, Google Chrome, Yahoo messenger and AVG antivirus.

What is the Recommended Solution?

Customized tools similar to DLL Suite could provide the only answer, as far as, putting to rest the Wininet dll errors remains in sole thought and focus.

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