how to recover missing dll files

The missing dll file can create a havoc in PC and various programs may fail to run; to recover missing dll files, you need to download the DLL Suite application in your PC system.

Download DLL Suite

Technique to restore missing dll files

Due to missing .dll files, you can face various issues in your PC. Many applications might fail to run, various programs might stop working and there can be issue during certain program and application installment as well. Other than that, there can be general PC issue as well. Read the article to know more about the issue and to know how to recover dll files.

Issue with Microsoft Edge

After updating to Windows 10, you can face issue while trying to open Microsoft Edge. While trying to open the application, you can get blue screen error, and an error message might display on the screen notifying that Driver unloaded without cancelling pending operation. This issue can happen due to some missing dll files from the system.

To resolve the issue, you can enter the safe mode and try updating the drivers. If no updated drivers are available in the Windows Update, then you should check the computer manufacturer's website and see if there are any updated drivers available. If this also doesn't help fix the issue, then you can download Windows dll recovery software and recover deleted dll files.

Unable to change font in Microsoft excel

You might face trouble in changing default font of Microsoft Excel due to some missing or corrupt dll file. The issue can happen in any Windows PC, but most of the users are reporting the problem in Windows 10 OS. You might not face this issue in other Microsoft Office programs.

To resolve the error, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Microsoft Excel program again. But if that doesn't help solve the error, then you might have to do clean reinstallation of Windows 10 and then install Microsoft Office. Most of the time, issue isn't solve even after going through all this elaborate way. You can download Windows dll recovery tool and recover all dll files and easily get rid of the errors.

Windows defender doesn't work in Windows 8

If you are a Windows 8 user, then you can face certain issue while starting Windows defender due to missing dll files. When you try to start the Windows defender, an error message might pop op stating that Windows could not start Windows Defender Service on Local computer.

The issue can happen due to recent hardware or software change. The issue can also happen if there is any third party application that might interfere with the functioning of Windows defender. You can download DLL file fixing tool to recover my dll files and get rid of the problem.

Windows photo gallery suddenly stopped

Windows Photo Gallery is an app that lets users to organize their image, edit and share photos. This application is part of Microsoft's Windows Essentials software suit. Sometimes you can face several issues while working on this app. While working on the app, you can notice that the app has suddenly stopped working, and no matter how many fixes you try, you cannot get rid of the issue. The one option that you could try is to reinstall the operating system and reload everything on the hard drive.

If the issue isn't fixed yet, then you can run System File Checker tool. The System File Checker tool can reveal the exact cause of the issue and fix any corrupt data. Most of the time, this issue is caused by missing dll file. You can download dll file fixer to recover Windows dll files and get rid of the issue permanently.

OneDrive syncing issue

After a recent Windows update, you will find that there is issue in syncing OneDrive. The issue can happen due to faulty DLL file. The syncing problem might only be with Microsoft Office programs. To fix the issue, you can try app troubleshooter and see if it helps.

If you are not able to troubleshoot the issue by any mean, then you can download the dll repair tool and restore missing dll files instantly.

Way to troubleshoot the issue

The best way to get rid of the issue is by downloading DLL Suite, this software recover missing dll files and repairs the corrupt one. This is an amazing PC optimizing tool that works well in all Windows PC. Other than fixing error, this software also protects PC from various security threats. One can easily download it in their machine.

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