DLL error loading

DLL error can cause various programs to crash in one's PC; to fix the issue, users should download the DLL Suite in their machine today.

Download DLL Suite

Terminate DLL errors using a suitable tool

Dll error can occur in one's PC due to various problems like out of date device drivers, some hardware or software issue, corrupt installation of programs, deletion of essential files. DLL errors can result in severe BSODs, bad image faults, create issues with Windows gallery, create trouble during application installation and so on. For more information regarding the error, one needs to have a look at the article.

Error in running diagnostic tool

Due to some .dll errors, users can face issue in running diagnostic tool in their PC. A Microsoft user named Andrea from Nashville complains that he purchased a diagnostic tool online and installed in his PC. Now when he is trying to run the program, the message 'npptools.dll missing' is displayed in the screen.

Npptools.dll error can happen due to various registry problems, a virus or malware issue or even a hardware failure. Users can fix the issue by downloading a good dll fixing tool.

Error in Printing photos from Windows live gallery

Users can face issue while trying to print picture from Windows Photo Gallery due to some missing or corrupt DLL files. A user named Ethan from Nottingham complains that he is unable to print photos from Windows live photo gallery. Sometimes Windows Live Photo Gallery fails to open as well. When he selects the picture and clicks on 'Print', it pops up several error messages. Out of which one message denotes that an error occurred while attempting to print the pictures. He adds that he is able to print the same picture using other programs like Photoshop, but not from Windows photo gallery. This clears the idea that it is not any printer issue. Such .dll error can be fixed by downloading a good DLL file fixing tool.

DLL error during Windows start-up

Users can face issue during Windows start-up due to certain DLL problem. A user named Sarah from Texas complains of having similar issues in her Windows 8 PC. She says that while starting up Windows, she gets an error message that denotes that the program is unable to start because MSVCP100.dll is said to be missing from the computer. Well, to fix such an error, users can try the following methods:

Check in Safe Mode.

Boot the computer in Safe Mode and check if the issue persists.

After the boot restart the PC in normal mode.

If the issue is resolved yet then start the System Configuration utility.

Click the Services tab, and then click to select the Hide all Microsoft services check box.

Click OK, and then click Restart.

If the issue still persist, then users can download dll file fixer to get rid of dll problems.

Dll issues in Windows 10 systems

After updating to Windows 10 OS, many users complain of having various DLL related issues. A user named Jenny from California complains that after installing Windows 10 in her PC, various applications and programs have stopped working. Whenever she tries to open any application, she gets an error message saying that the Windows cannot locate the needed DLL.

To resolve the issue, she tried various fixes like, sfc scan, fix it tools and even tried to repair the registry but nothing helped. Then she asked professional help and they advised her to install Windows 10 from original installation media. The easiest way to fix DLL error is by downloading DLL repair tool.

Error with Microsoft Office programs

Due to faulty DLL files, users can face issue with Microsoft Office programs. A user named Sandra from Ohio complains that recently she installed Microsoft Office 2010 application in her PC, and since then her Microsoft Office programs have been randomly crashing. The crash mostly occurs while working with the application, but sometimes it happens when PC is sitting idle as well. In the event viewer, it showed that the issue is caused by the faulting application WINWORD.EXE and faulting module gdiplus.dll.

To fix dll issue, the user tried various troubleshooting method but nothing helped resolve the problem. This DLL file error can be fixed by downloading error fixing software.

Best way to overcome DLL file errors

The best way to resolve DLL error is by downloading DLL Suite. This software efficiently resolves the error by downloading missing DLL file and fixing the corrupt ones. Other than fixing the error this software also enhances the PC's performance.

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