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The issues of non-responsive applications caused due to DLL errors can be corrected with the help of the DLL Suite software.

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The DLL Error: A Solution

DLL files are crucial for smooth running of the computer and the issues of DLL problems can make the computer faulty and slow. The issues in the DLL files can happen due to various reasons like the accidental handling of the Windows Registry, incorrect adding or removal of software. These issues can make it difficult for you to run the computer smoothly and get the most results out of the computer. Here are few instances where the problems of DLL can create troubles for you:

Issues with Picasa:

Sometimes a DLL problem can cause an application behave in a non-responsive way. Like if you have a computer with Window 7 operating system, then in some cases, you may find that while trying to edit the pictures on the application say, Picasa, an error message pops up on the computer screen saying that the application has faced some issues due to MSVFW32.DLL. The may be either related to compatibility of the DLL file with Windows or maybe the DLL file itself has errors. To correct the issue, you can try to remove and then reinstall the application or run the SFC tool which is able to detect issues on the computer and correct them. But sometimes these measures do not solve the problem and the issue persists. In those cases, you need good and reliable DLL error fix software.

Browser related issues:

One of the most affected programs due to the DLL issue are the web browsers on your computer. You may find that the browsers like the Opera Mini in some cases crash on a Windows running computer due to the incorrect DLL. The issue may happen after you have upgraded your computer from Window Vistas to Windows 7 Ultimate. You can try to remove and reinstall the application into the computer to resolve the issue, but that may not be able to help you. You could also try to remove the antivirus installed on your computer, but that too may not help you. This issue sometimes requires some outside help to resolve it.

Issues in the Microsoft Office Outlook:

Sometimes the applications like Microsoft Outlook faces issues due to DLL issues. Like sometimes you may find that after installing the Microsoft Outlook on your computer with Windows 7 Home, you are unable to get access to the address book of you email client or are unable to send or receive emails through it. This issue sometimes happens due to errors in the WAB.DLL. This issue can be very annoying and cause a huge amount of trouble for you.

Issues with the printer:

The .dll error can even cause issues in the smooth running of the hardware attached to the computer. Sometimes you may find that while using a printer like HP 6500 connected to your Window 8 running computer, the Windows Print Spooler gets closed down. The event viewer may point faulting application as the spoolsv.exe and the faulty module as ntdll.dll. The issue is probably happening due to the faulty module but you can be never sure about it. To rectify the issue, you can do a clean installation of the Windows, but sometimes they fail to rectify the issue.

Issues after installing Tableau Public:

Sometimes you may face issue while running the application Tableau Public on your Window 10 running computer. Every time you try to open it, the computer may face some issues and the application may not open due to it. This is probably caused due to some issues in the KernelBase.DLL, and to rectify this issue, you can try the following steps:

Try to run the applications from a separate user profile.

Run the System File Checker tool to detect possible errors and correct them.

Perform the DISM test on the computer.

Remove and then reinstall the application.

However, sometimes these steps fail to correct the issue and you may not be able to use the application on your computer.

Correcting the error:

For correcting the issues mentioned above like the non-responsiveness of the games or the issues of sending or receiving the emails on Microsoft Outlook can be corrected with the help of the DLL Suite application. This application corrects and restores the new and updated versions of DLL files on the computer. Also, it simultaneously re-registers them into Windows Registry. An easy to use application, this tool can be used on multiple machines. It is definitely an answer to all the problems related to .dll errors.

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