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The errors in the svchost exe can be solved with DLL Suite.

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The Issues Due to svchost exe and Fixes

The computer is a very efficient machine. It can do multiple tasks in a short amount of time and help the users in different ways. However, sometimes some issues in its machinery can make it difficult for the computer to run and process information correctly and give desired results. Like the error in svchost exe can cause the computer to slow down and lead to various other complications in the computer. The svchost.exe is an important part of the computer system which hosts many applications that run in the background and share the resources of the computer.

Here are some of the instances where we faced issues due to some error in this svchost.exe component:

Problems when Windows Update is running:

We have a computer with Windows 7. When we try to run the Windows Update, the computer slows down tremendously. The Windows Task Manager shows a high CPU usage and the programs related to svchost exe running at a tremendous rate consuming a huge amount of CPU memory. This stops only when we turn off the Windows Updates. We have already performed a clean installation of the operating system and the error could not be resolved by it.

Issues during computer start-up:

We had a computer with Windows 7 operating system. For better protection against the outside threats, an antivirus was installed in the system. During start-up, we found that the antivirus pointed towards a high memory usage issue and a variant of the virus WIN32/Agent.USRtrojan was present in the system. To check the CPU usage, when we opened the Task Manager, we saw multiple programs running under svchost exe. This issue might have happened due to the virus but we were not sure about it.


To correct the errors related to svchost exe, the DLL Suite can be used. This application is an efficient DLL error fixer which can solve the DLL related errors in no time and make the computer free of errors. This tool while correcting the DLL files, also re-registers the DLL in the Windows Registry simultaneously. Specially made for the novice user, this tool removes the DLL Errors especially the one related to the svchost.exe file in no time.

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