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To stop the occurrence of Atikmdag sys error, you may have to download and use DLL Suite.

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The most common issue for the computer is the blue screen of death (BSOD). The BSOD is the error where the screen of the computer turns blue. The screen might also show an error message and an error code. This type of issue may occur due some problems in the driver or due to some corruption in the system. You will discuss in this article, the times when the BSOD can occur.

System service exception:

The operating system installed on your HP Pavilion 64 bits might be Windows 8.1. You might face the issue of BSOD while surfing Facebook using the browser Google Chrome. Some major updates were installed on the system through Windows update before the issue occurred. The BSOD may show that the error is caused by Atikmdag sys. The error message at the time of the BSOD might show the term 'system service exception'. The error may also show that BCCode might be shown as 3B and it may show that the symbols could not be loaded for the module. You may try to get rid of the issue by updating the device drivers including the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) and display to the latest available version.

Problem in playing game:

You may have recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 operating system and also loaded all the latest drivers and applications. However, at the time of playing the game World of Warcraft, the application might freeze. After some time you may notice that the screen has turned grey and then black. After this the system might show a BSOD error along with Atikmdag sys or with atikmpag.sys. This issue may also show up while you are watching any video clips with the player installed on the system. Such an issue in the system might have occurred due to some issues in the video card driver.

Issue in sleep mode:

While using Windows 8 operating system, you might encounter the issue of BSOD. The system might crash while going into sleep mode. When you use the application Whocrashed, you might be able to get the details of the issue. The crash dump file might show that the error occurred due to Atikmdag sys. The bug check code might be shown as 0x1E. The BSOD may show the message 'Kmode exception not handled'. This system error may have occurred due to a third party driver. To solve the issue, you may also try to update all the drivers on the system.

Issue after updates:

You may have recently installed some updates for drivers on your Windows 10 system. Soon after this installation of such updates, you may notice some issues in the system. It may show error 'video_tdr_failure' Atikmdag sys. The system may continue downloading the updates and then show the error repeatedly. Such an issue may have occurred because the graphic device is overloaded and it may have been used beyond its capacity. You may try to uninstall the display driver from the device manager to stop the issue. But the issue may still remain.

Getting rid of the issues:

In order to get rid of the Atikmdag sys error, you may try to use DLL Suite. This tool can be used to fix and replace troublesome files.

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