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To stop the issue of DLL is missing from your computer, users must install DLL Suite.

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The answer to DLL is missing error

A number of issues may show up on the system, such as the users might not be able to use the stored application properly. The users may see that these issues have been caused by some missing dll files. The users must not panic if they see any type of DLL missing files.

Starting Issue of Microsoft Office Outlook:

While trying to start the application Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, the user might receive an error message. The error message may state that the file msvcr80.dll is missing from the system. This issue may take place while the user is using the Windows Vista operating system on a Dell Vostro laptop. To solve this issue, the user may want to remove the entire suite of applications from the system and reload it from the original installation disc. However, that process also might not be helpful in eliminating the issue. The user may still see the issue of DLL missing from your computer. In order to get rid of the issue, the user may try to conduct System Restore to the point where the issues were not present.

Issue in Windows Media Player:

A problem may show up on the application Windows Media Player. The user may see an issue after downloading it. The application may not open even after a number of attempts to download the application. On trying to open the application, the user may see that the file wmp.dll is missing from the system. The user may see that the error message is stating that the application is not installed properly and it needs to be reinstalled. This type of issue may occur on a HP Pavilion 15 system. The operating system might be installed on the system is Windows XP. The user may try to reboot the system and the type %SystemRoot% \inf\unregmp2_exe /UpdateWMP after selecting start/run. This DLL missing entry point issue might be due to some corruption in the application.

Windows Update not working:

The user may have been using PC that has pre-installed Windows XP Home Service Pack 3 operating system. The user might face the problem in conducting Windows update. The users may see that some dll files are missing. Such .dll missing files might be because there are some problems in the registry and therefore the system is showing that the files are missing. The error message might suggest the user to use the System File Checker tool to scan the system for any probable issues within the system. The updates might fail to install on the system when the Background Intelligence Transfer Service (BITS) is disabled on the system. This issue might also appear because of program file error.

Missing ONBTTNOL.dll:

The user may have recently conducted the installation of Windows 7 64 bits on the Dell Inspiron Core I3 system. The user might have also installed Microsoft Office 2010 (KB2510690). The user might not have the 'send to OneNote' function in Microsoft Office. The user may see that the icon of Microsoft Office OneNote is missing from the ribbon in calendar view. The user may also not have the add-in 'OneNote Notes about Outlook items'. The system may also show that the file ONBttnOL.dll is missing from the system. Such a DLL missing in Windows issue might be because of some issues in the system. The user may opt for the 64 bit version of Microsoft Office 2010 in order to avail of the add-ins in the applications.

Error message on Using Microsoft Office Word:

The users may sometimes encounter an error message while using the application Microsoft Office Word. The users may see that the system is reporting that the file WkWfz90.dll is missing from the system. The user might encounter this error message at the time of using any applications of the suite Microsoft Office. The users may not be able to use the application as a result of this dll file missing error in the system. This type of issue may appear on a Dell Inspiron Apu dual Core A6 7th Gen system that is operating on Windows XP operating system.

What should be done?

The dll files of a system are important to run the stored applications. Any missing or corrupted files is bound to hamper the work of the users. Such types of missing issues may appear irrespective of the operating system that is installed on the system. The users must use a professional tool such as DLL Suite to get rid of the issues that is caused by the missing .dll files. This DLL missing fixer is reliable and can be used to correct any missing or corrupted files issues. The users must install this tool to stop all errors.

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