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When any DLL was not found in the Windows system, you can use DLL Suite to repair them.

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Are you facing some issues while using the system? Is your system showing that the DLL was not found? Then you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with the necessary solution.

Problem in gaming applications:

An issue may appear after updating Windows operating system. The operating system installed on your system might be Windows 10. Ever since the update, you may face some issues which may show that DLL is missing. This issue may mainly show when you are trying to play any games on the PC. The game may fail to load and the process may show an error. The error message may state that a system error has occurred and the program is unable to start due to the missing MFReadWrite.dll file. It may also instruct you to replace the missing DLL file by downloading it. You may not be able to solve the issue by reinstalling the missing DLL files. Some corruption in the system may have started such an issue on your system.

You might also come across an DLL missing issue while trying to install a new game on the system. You might be using the Windows 8.1 operating system for your Lenovo PC and you may want to install the game GTA 4. However, while trying to install it you may see that an error has occurred. The error message may show that the file isdone.dll is missing from the system. You may perform a clean boot and see if the issue is solved. The process of clean booting the system ensures that no software conflict takes place. Due to some corruption in the system the issue may have occurred.

Problem in using Skype:

The operating system installed on the system is Windows 7 and you might want to use Skype. However, while trying to open it, you may face a difficulty. An error tab may open stating that the file MSVCP140.dll is missing. This issue may show even when you have booted the system in safe mode and while trying to use Skype. Clean boot may also not help in solving the issue. You may try to download the latest version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. This issue may also occur due to some corruption in the associated drivers.

Issue on start-up:

Another major issue that might appear on your system is the issue of missing dlls at the time of start-up. The operating system installed on the computer might be Windows Vista. While starting the system, an error tab may open stating that the procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library. It may show that wlanapi.dll is missing. You may try to download the latest wireless adapter driver but still the issue may remain. You might have to use a tool to get rid of the corruption that is causing the issue.

How can you fix all the issues?

To get rid of the issues that state that 'DLL not found', you can use DLL Suite. This tool helps in replacing and fixing all the issues of the system files.

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