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All said and done, people find themselves in a lot of troubles, simply because the DLL files of their PC systems are either missing or not found or are corrupted due to various reasons. Most of these DLL errors are too complicated. Hence, they cannot be solved by the registry cleaner tools that are commonly available free of cost. They need to be solved with the help of the specified DLL repair tools that are the products of the best companies. Here are some of the issues that are created by corrupted or missing critical DLL files.

Appcrash due to kernebase.dll file

There are times when some users find that they are not able to start up various applications on Windows 8. Whenever they try, the applications start up and then crash out. This is accompanied by a BSOD or blue screen error along with a kernelbase.dll file error.

This is a typical issue, which pops up when a critical DLL file like kernelbase.dll is either missing or not found. This happens when DLL file is replaced or deleted by 3rd party application tools. Or this happens when the system is infested by virus or malware that either block or delete the DLL file in question. This is something that cannot be solved with the help of the common error rectification tools. These issues can best be solved by DLL fix tools that are specifically developed by eminent companies that are into software development.

Booting issue after Windows 10 installation

After some users have installed Windows 10, they are not able to boot the system. As soon as they try to do so, the booting sequence starts and then stops and then crashes out. Then it starts all over again, only to repeat the sequence. This also comes up with an error message. The message says the system cannot boot as the boot critical file ci.dll is either corrupt or not found.

This is something that happens due to faulty Windows updates. This happens when the CatRoot2 folder is either missing or the C:\Windows\system32\CatRoot2 folder path is either broken or missing a critical component. This also happens when the Windows Update Web Control ActiveX file is either missing or not found. This file allows the PC to connect to the regular Windows updates. This is a typical DLL issue that can only and only be solved with the help of the DLL error repair tools that are the products of the best companies from software development industry. The tools that are abundantly found for free are too frail to solve issues like this. Even the common troubleshooting steps like reinstallation and un-installation of Windows fail to solve the issue.

Bad Image on Windows 7

In some cases, some customers with Windows 7 find that they are not able to run applications on Windows. Whenever they try to run the applications, they get a Bad Image error. It comes with a message that says a system32 folder called shfolder.dll is either missing or not found. It also returns Bad Image or File name. It comes with another error message that says the shfolder.dll is either not designed to run in this version of Windows or it has an error.

This happens when the DLL file in question has been overridden by any 3rd party application, or the applications are not properly installed. This can only be solved by a DLL repair tool of class.

The final solution

The best way to repair dll problems is by taking them on with the help of DLL Suite, the best DLL files fixer to fix dll errors in the market.

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