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What should you do if you receive dll errors? You try to edit the registry and fix the problem, right? Well, if you do this, then you are certainly doing it wrong. The Windows registry should not be touched manually. Do you wish to know what to do? Then a read through this article would certainly help.

Windows Defender giving out errors

If you are using Windows defender to protect your system against malware, then it is certainly a great call. Your system must be protected from viruses, but what about error codes. Yes, you may get errors from this security software while you are running an application. Most of all, these dll errors come out when one is running the Internet Explorer 8 in Windows Vista system. The error message says that the error is the mswsock.dll issue and it is coming from Windows Defender. If you neglect this error, then issues might arise, while you are working with the Internet Explorer application and the performance of the program might start faltering. To repair dll problem, it is mandatory to resolve the problem completely.

Issues with Google Hangouts

Having a Gmail account in contemporary times is a mandatory affair. No matter in whichever part of the world you belong, chatting via Google Hangouts or more commonly the Gtalk is easy and quite comfortable. But did you know that using this application in a computer might get problematic? Yes, when you are using the Google Hangout application in Windows Vista, you might get a dll error. The error message will read that the pnrpnsp.dll is not running in the particular operating system. The error message would also say that one needs to install the particular application again from an original platform or run the system administrator. The System Checker Tool might be run to fix dll error, but that may not be very useful.

Windows Explorer crashes

You think that the Windows 10 system might be running fine, but of late problems have been encountered by many when the Windows Explorer had crashed. Every time, the system starts the explorer.exe crashes. It restarts again when one clicks the 'file explorer' shortcut which is located at the bottom of the screen on Windows bar. You may also encounter another instance of Windows Explorer crashing when you click on any file or any folder with the right button of the mouse. The system would first blink, then freeze with a blue circle and soon the explorer.exe would crash! The event log may say that it is the ntdll.dll file causing the problem and the dll needs repair for the problem to be resolved.

Security update of Internet Explorer causing trouble

After you install the Cumulative Security Update in Windows 7 for Internet Explorer 8, you might start having problems with a lot of programs. Yes, you will find that the programs will start crashing all of a sudden, as you try to open the application and work on it. All the programs that would crash might give out the same error message saying that the urlmon.dll is the main problem and it needs to be resolved. Therefore, the dll repair should be replaced for the programs to start working smoothly again. However, you might find that although all the applications are failing and crashing, the Internet Explorer is working just fine. Attempting to revert the update would also not help.

The BSOD in Windows 7

After the system takes an update to Windows 7, the BSOD might hit the screen. The BSOD is the Blue Screen of Death that appears when the system has a critical problem and needs to be restarted to prevent damaging the computer. The screen might turn blue when you are playing a game like the World of Warcraft or The Sims 3 and so on. In this case, you will find that after restarting the machine, the Google Chrome browser will completely vanish from the system without a trace. The BSOD occurs with plenty of error codes and also indicates that the halmacpi.dll file is corrupted and causing the problem. To resolve dll issues, amendment of the Windows registry is necessary.

The bad image error

If you have just started the system and you get the "Bad Image error", then the first thing to strike your mind would be that it is related to some malware problem. The full message might convey that it is the winsta.dll file causing trouble. However, since bad image errors are related to virus problems, running the anti-virus software is a must. What if everything comes clean, but you are still getting the error? Yes, that might happen. After researching, you might find that these errors occur if one tries to install certain programs in the system or the OS randomly shuts down. In such dicey cases, where the problem cannot be fixed, a fixer tool will be quite useful.

Are you looking to fix the issue?

When dll errors trouble the system, then the dll needs fix and for this work, installing the DLL Suite would certainly help. The dll fix tool does not only help in repairing corrupted registry, but also fixes system freezes, BSOD issues and system hangs. If you have not yet downloaded this dll fixer, then it's time to think about it!

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