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The best method that repairs dll errors

A computer user may have to come across different types of issues on a daily basis. Such issues may report that some dll files are missing from the system while some other files are corrupted. All such types of issues have been discussed in this write-up. The users must read on to find out more.

Issue in Microsoft Office Outlook:

While trying to send a document with the help of the application Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 on a HP Pavilion laptop, the user may see an error. The user may see that the error message is stating that the file mapi32.dll is corrupted. It may also state that it has become corrupted due to some other installed programs on the system. The user may have installed some software in order to fix some other issues of the system. The method that repairs dll files includes the use of System File Checker scan. This tool enables the user in fixing corrupted or missing dll files. However, the issue might still remain even after using this tool. The user may opt for the un-installation of the application and then reinstall it to get rid of the issue.

Microsoft Office Word crash:

The application may seem to crash while the user is trying to use it. The user might have been trying to access the application through a third party software. If the users checks the Event Viewer from the start menu of the system, they may see that the application name is WINWORD.EXE and the module responsible for the crash is wwlib.dll. The method that fixes such dll errors includes locating the file in the drive and renaming them. The users may try to locate wwlib.dll file in the C drive and then rename it. However, the process might not be fruitful and the issue may still remain. This type of issue may occur because of some corruption in the associated files of the application at fault.

Bad image error message:

The users may have been using a Dell Dimension 3000 with Windows XP Home edition and Service Pack 3. The users might experience a series of messages on starting the system. The users may see the message along with 'services.exe bad image'. The error message may show that the dll wewusigo.dll is not a valid Windows image. It may also instruct the user to check the dll against the installation disc. On choosing the option OK, the user may receive another error message. This process may continue for a number of times and it might show different EXE names. This type of issue might be due to some virus infection. The method that repairs this dll problem includes a full system scan with an appropriate tool.

Internet Explorer crash:

While trying to use the browser Internet Explorer, the user may face the crash of the application. The user may have been using the browser to access some websites. However, the application may crash and stop working. If the users checks the Event Viewer of the system, they may find the details of the issue. It may show that the application name is iexplorer.exe and the module that is responsible for the crash is StackHash_e12f. The Event Viewer may also show that the faulty module is igd10umd32.dll. This module is the component of Intel graphics. Therefore the users may try to update or reinstall the Intel graphics driver. The method that fixes this dll issue includes the use of a tool. Some corruption in the associated application files may instigate such an issue.

Issue of installing Windows 10:

The users may have encounter some issues while installing Windows 10. The users may see the occurrence of blue screen of death along with the in-correctable error. Blue screen of death is the event where the screen of the computer turns blue and shows an error message. The users may have to conduct a hard reboot after the error occurs. After the reboot, the users may see an error message. It may state that C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.030319\WPF\PresentationNative_v0400.dll contains an error or it is not supposed to run on Windows. It might show the error code 0xc0000020. Using the DISM can be method that will fix dll issue. However, if the issue still remains, the users may have to take the help of a tool.

What should be done?

The issues of missing or incorrect dll files are common to the system. The users must therefore try not to panic. The issue can be solved very easily with the help of a tool. The users must use DLL Suite to fix the issues. This tool fixes all corrupted system files.

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