Kernel32.dll was not found

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The best solution for Kernel32 dll not found issue

Many a times you may have come across the error 'Kernel32 dll was not found'. Well, the kernel32 dll is responsible for memory management, it helps in handling input and output processes and also application interruptions. If you are facing issues due to this stubborn kernel32.dll error, then a read through this article is certainly going to be helpful to you in the long run.

Unable to install Microsoft Office 365

The problem might occur if you try to install Microsoft Office 365 Home Edition in your system. Instantly you will find an error message popping up that says the procedure entry point of the SetWaitableTimerEx is not located in the Kernel32.dll file. In order to resolve this problem you may try to update the Operating System and try to install Microsoft Office 365 Home Edition again. Such an error is mostly caused when the Kernel32.dll is missing and the system malfunctions. You may try to install a new dll file and replace the kernel32.dll in the system folder. However, that should not be attempted. Editing the Windows registry is quite harmful for the system, especially when done by an amateur.

Program malfunctioning due to kernel32 dll

There might be times that when a program is opened and it is functioning smoothly. But, as you use the right key, the application stops and says the Kernel32.dll missing. No matter how many attempts are made, the application will just refuse to open. The anti-virus software might scan the computer, but you will not get a solution to the problem. It is very evident that the dll file is missing from the system, or is too old and needs to be replaced. The only way this issue can be fixed is by running a registry cleaner and clearing the corrupted files and installing new files in its place.

Gaming problems

You need to be aware during gaming. Battlefield 3 may be an exciting game, but trouble might arise when the game abruptly stops signaling that it might be a dll issue. The error may say that the Kernel32 dll missing and therefore the application cannot function. Do you think reinstalling the Operating System will help? No, it would just be a waste of time. The problem would come back again. Looking into the event log, you would be able to apprehend why the application crashed. Even the event log would say, it's the kernel32 dll file that is the faulty module. By running System File Checker to get rid of the problem will not help much.

The best solution

If you are looking for the best solution, then you would definitely wish the solution also to be a permanent one. Well, that is the reason why you need to download and install DLL SUITE to fix the Kernel32 missing or not found error. This tool is one of the best dll repair tool that is highly recommended and preferred by experts. It helps in replacing dll files that are missing from the registry or damaged. Not only this, this fixer tool also helps in re-registering new dll files in the Windows registry. Surely this software is very functional!

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