Explorer exe error

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The best solution for explorer.exe problem

The Windows program manager is explorer.exe. It is responsible for managing the desktop, taskbar, file manager and start menu. Some issues that might appear on the system are stated as follows.

explorer.exe error after upgrading:

An issue may show up on the PC after a user have upgraded the operating system. John from England have upgraded the operating system from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Pro. Soon after the upgrade, he had seen that explorer.exe is getting restarted once every minute. To stop this Explorer.exe problem, he did a fresh install and was able to solve the issue temporarily. However, the problem returned after a few days. By checking the event viewer from the start menu, John had found that the faulty module is ntdll.dll. To stop this issue he had also disconnected all the external devices then booted the system in safe mode. But, the problem remained.

Unknown error:

An unknown error may crop up on the system. Peter from Belgium has faced such an issue. After starting the system and going to the desktop, he saw an alert dialogue box that showed nothing. The box only showed the alert icon (exclamation mark inside a yellow triangle). The title of the box showed explorer.exe. It also showed the option 'ok' but on clicking that it appeared again for a couple of times before disappearing. This issue have occurred on a Windows 8 machine. Peter had tried to solve this Explorer exe problem by booting the computer in safe mode. He had also used the SFC tool by pressing the Windows key and R together and entering the command scannow. However, the issue still remained. Such an issue might have taken place because of some corruption in the system.

Freezing issue:

An issue may show up while using the system. Rachel had bought an Acer Aspire R7 with pre-installed Windows 8.1 Pro. She was using Internet Explorer11 before switching to some other applications. She had seen that the explorer.exe is freezing every now and then. She had to restart explorer.exe with the task manager after which everything worked fine. This issue has not shown any error message. She had tried to perform a clean boot that will eliminate any kind of software conflict. But, the Explorer exe error still appeared on the newly bought system. She had also conducted a scan for viruses using Microsoft Safety Scanner on the system, but she found nothing. Some issues with the system files may have started this kind of issue.

Restart after updates:

A computer user, Jim had installed some updates on a Windows 10 machine. Soon after the update he has seen that the explorer.exe is freezing for a few moments and then restarting on its own. He is only able to use it for some time after which it keeps on freezing. Such an Explorer.exe issue might be due to some corruption in the updates that have been recently installed. He had tried to perform a clean boot. But the problem still remained.

Solving the issues:

In order to get rid of the Explorer.exe problems, the users will have to use DLL Suite. This tool can be used to replace and fix files.

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