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Dll files are required for running any application on your system. If any dll file goes corrupted or goes missing, then you will come across different types of issues. You may be unable to use any application, or you may receive an error message on starting the system. You might also encounter some issue while trying to play any games. All such issues have been discussed in this article. Please read on to find out more.

Error in attachment:

The operating system installed on the system might be Windows 7. You might also be using Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. You might encounter an issue while attempting to open a file that you have received as an attachment in Windows Live Mail. An error message might show up stating that the file MSVCR71.dll is missing from the system. It might also state that you will have to reinstall the program in order to use it. To solve this type of missing dlls issue, you may want to update Adobe Reader. However, the problem might still exist and show on the system. Such an issue might be due to some corruption in the system.

Message on start-up:

You may have recently upgraded the operating system from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10. However, after this upgrade, you may come across some rundll errors. The message might state that there has been an issue in starting C:/users/mycompanyname/Appdata/Local/PoolDownload/zBin/PoolDownload.dll. It might also state that the required module could not be found on the system. Such type of missing dll message might show up after every start-up. Any type of dll conflicts may result in this type of issue. You may run the System File Checker scan to check for any corruption in the system and help in restoring corrupted files. You will have to press Windows key and X together, then select command prompt and type sfc/scannow.

While using Windows 10 operating system on a HP Pavilion g6 system, you may encounter some issues. You may see that you are getting a message in a rundll dialog box at the time of start-up of the Windows 10 PC. The error message might state that there is a problem in starting eed_ec.dll and the specified module is not found on the system. This type of issue may have been caused due to some corruption in the system. To fix this dll missing issue, you may have to check Windows update for the latest drivers. You will have to go to the start menu and then go to settings. After this, you will have to choose update and security and then choose to check for updates.

Problem after installing Windows media feature packs:

The operating system that you have been using might be Windows 7 64 bit and you may have recently conducted an upgrade to Windows 10 64 bits. You may have also installed Windows Media Feature Pack. However, you may see that some programs are not running. The programs are showing the WMVCore.dll is missing from the system. Such type of dll is missing issue might occur because of the presence of a malware in the system. The applications might not be able to access the file because of the corruption.

Issue while playing games:

The operating system installed on the Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series might be Windows 10. You may have also downloaded the gaming application Sims 4. But, on trying to open the application, you may see that the file msvcr100.dll is missing. The dll missing error messages might also appear while you are trying to open the system. You may try to solve this issue by installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package of both 86 and 64 versions. But, this might also not help in fixing the issue of the dll file is missing.

Error message while starting Skype:

You might have to deal with an issue while trying to open the application Skype. The application may show you that it is unable to start since the file gdi32full.dll is missing from the system. The error message might also instruct to reinstall the application. You may see this issue while you are using Windows 10 operating system. In order to fix such type of dll missing file issue in your system, you may use System File Checker tool. You may also want to run the DISM tool so that any kind of Windows errors can be fixed.

How can you fix this dll file missing error?

A number of procedures have already been mentioned in the article along with the issues. However, if these also does not solve your issue, then you will have to use a tool. You will need to install an effective tool such as DLL Suite to get rid of the issues. This tool is efficient in fixing and replacing the corrupted files on your system.

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