Wininet.dll problem

For the purpose of getting rid of wininet dll problems, the users should download and use DLL Suite.

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The best tip to eliminate wininet.dll errors

The computer can sometimes show a variety of errors. Such errors can show up at any time such as while using any application, or during starting the system or even while browsing the internet. Such incidents may show wininet dll error. In order to get rid of all such issues, the users must take an appropriate step to get rid of the issues.

Error message on start-up:

The operating system installed on the system might be Windows 7. However, Brown has not used it for almost a month. On opening the laptop after a month, he had encountered an issue. The error message has stated that the system is not able to locate the procedure entry point HttpIsHostHstsEnabled in the dynamic link library. It also showed wininet.dll error. This error might appear when there is some corruption in the system. The file might also have been replaced mistakenly. He has used the Microsoft Security Scanner but it has not provided the necessary solution. He was also not able to install any update for Windows on the system. To stop the issue, he had also used the SFC/ scannow but it was unable to find any error.

Error on using a program:

At the time of using any application such as Microsoft Office, a user may come across some issues. While trying to use the program, Geller from New York encountered an error message. The error message stated that the program cannot start because of wininet dll problem. It has stated that the file wininet.dll is missing from the system. It had also instructed the user to reinstall the application in order to get rid of the issue. She had tried to conduct a system restore but it was of no help. Such an error may have appeared on her system due to some problems in the registry. Some hardware failure may have also started the issue. She had tried to reinstall the application but it did not stop the issue.

Appcrash error:

The operating system installed on the user's computer might be Windows Vista Service Pack 2. Bing from New Jersey, he had experienced the issue of appcrash while using Internet Explorer. An error had appeared on the screen at the time of browsing. On checking the event viewer from the start menu of the system, he had found that the application name is iexplorer.exe and the module responsible for the error is wininet.dll file. He had restarted the application but the same issue appeared on the system. The add-ons on Internet Explorer may have started the issue. It may also have happened due to the presence of malware on the system. He had tried to use MS Fixit to stop the issue, but it was not solved.

What can be done?

The computer users may have to face different types of issues on a daily basis. Some of such issues may appear showing wininet.dll problem. This issue might require the use of a professional and reliable tool such as DLL Suite. This software can be used if there are any problems with any system files. It will replace and fix any corrupted files.

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