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For the purpose of Dll repair and download, you can use DLL Suite.

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Different type of issue may show up while you are using the system. The files on your system may get corrupted or missing, thereby resulting in the issue. All such issues have been discussed as follows.

Issue while browsing:

The preinstalled operating system on your PC is Windows Vista. You may encounter an issue while trying to browse using any browsing application. The issue might show you that the dll module mscms.dll contains an error or it is not capable of running on Windows. The dll error message may show instruct to install the program again by using the original installation media. This error message may show up when you try to open Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 8. The message may state that a plug-in is missing whereas all might be ok with the system. This issue might be caused by some corruption in the Windows files. This issue might require a proper DLL repair tool.

Issue in Windows live mail:

You may have recently purchased a PC with preinstalled Windows 7 Professional operating system. There might have been no issues while using the mailing application Windows Live Mail. However you might see that you are not able to go to the option of sending and receiving mail. An error may show up stating that msmail.dll is missing. The message might also instruct you to reinstall the module for this DLL file repair. You may try to reinstall the application after uninstalling it. However, the issue may still remain. This issue may have occurred because of some corruption in the system. The issue may also take place because of some faults in the drivers.

Issue of blue screen:

The issue of blue screen may show up on the system. The operating system installed might be Windows 8. The blue screen of death appears due to some corruption in the system. This issue may show a blue screen and an error message. You may encounter this issue while starting the system. The error message may state that the issue has been caused by the module cl.dll. It may also show the code 0x0000000f. You may be able to boot the system in safe mode but the issue may remain while in normal mode. This type of issue might be due to some missing system dll files. This DLL fixing may require a tool.

Issue of installing game:

You may have recently upgraded the operating system from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. You may not have noticed any issues in any other application, but while trying to open Microsoft Office Outlook, you may see an error message. It may state that MAPI is not able to load the information services LSMSSP.dll. this error may not be resolved if you uninstall and reinstall the application. This issue may still show if you try to use another account on this system. You may also try to troubleshoot the issue using the SFC scan. This DLL fix may require the help of a tool.

What can be done?

To get rid of all the issues, you may use the SFC tool that might help in fixing and replacing the faulty files. However, the issues may still remain. The .DLL repair may require the use of a tool such as DLL Suite. This tool will repair dll file related issues.

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