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If the issues on your computer is with svchost.exe, then you must use the tool DLL Suite.

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The best tool for all your issues of svchost.exe

A variety of issues may show up on your system while you are working on it. They may appear randomly. All such types of issues will be discussed in this article.

Host process service crash:

You may encounter some random crash on your system. Such crashes might be quite frequent. These crashes may take place while you are using the Windows Vista operating system for your computer. If you check the event viewer from the start menu of your system you may find that the problem event name is appcrash and the application name svchost.exe which will need a tool to solve. This issue may have been caused due to some malware infection on your system. You may try to perform a clean boot and see if the issue is solved.

High memory usage:

Sometimes you may see that the svchost.exe is using up much space on the memory. In order to sort this out you may have to open task manager and close the process. If you do not close it, you may see that the laptop is freezing and you will have to manually turn off the system. The application that has been using the process may have some issues and that is why the error might be appearing. Some virus infection on the system may result in this type of issue. The solution for svchoxt.exe error lies in using a tool. You may try to update Windows and see if the issue is solved.

Windows update error:

You may receive an error while installing some update. The system may show you Windows update error number 0x80072EFF. The system might also show you Generic Host Process errors. You may see that this error is related to svchost.exe and it will require a tool to solve. This type of issue may have been caused by some corruption in the system.

Eradicating the issues:

As a computer user, you may have to encounter different types of issues. Such issues might be related to one another through the process that is being used. However, to sort the error of svchost.exe you must use the tool DLL Suite. This tool can fix the issues of all files.

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