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The DLL SUITE is the best tool to eradicate the sxstrace.exe error from the system.

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The best tool for the sxstrace.exe error

The sxstrace.exe is an executable file that along with dll (Dynamic Link Library) files enables a program to run smoothly. When your system comes across errors related to the sxstrace.exe tool, then it needs to be fixed immediately before things go out of hand. Need to fix such an error? Then, hopefully this article will help you out!

The side-by side error

When you are working with Windows 8.1 system, then you might find that after an automatic Windows update, the system has encountered a problem. The issue is that every program or application you may try to open fails with a long error message. The error says that the side-by-side configuration is not correct and one should run the sxstrace.exe command tool for more details. No programs would run and even if you try to uninstall anything from the PC, it would fail. Rebooting the system is of no use and neither will it help if you start the application in Safe Mode.

Google Chrome not working in Windows 10

You may encounter problems with Google Chrome as you try to start the application. Just as soon as the application is started, the 'side-by side incorrect configuration' message will crop up saying to look into the event log and utilizing the sxstrace.exe tool for more details. In order to fix the issue, running Microsoft Fix It or System File Checker would not help at all. However, as you try to uninstall the Google Chrome application and then again reinstall it, you will find that the un-installation seems impossible. To fix this issue, downloading a professional fixer will do the trick!

Issues while opening Microsoft Office Excel

When you have installed Microsoft Office Professional Plus, then trouble might occur with the Microsoft Office Excel application. The error message that will crop up is the general incorrect side-by-side configuration issue that says to look into the detail of the error with the help of the event log or by using the sxstrace.exe tool. In order to fix the problem, if you try to uninstall any applications, you may find that such a thing is not easy to do. In fact, you may also see that going to the Control Panel and trying to search for the program will tell you that the program cannot be found.

Finding an easy solution

You will find plenty of problems related to the side-by-side configuration error and checking the sxstrace.exe tool, but the best fixer for such issues is definitely the DLL SUITE. From fixing corrupted files from the Windows registry to replacing missing files, it also fixes problems related to .exe applications. So, if you are having issues with your computer related to dll or executable files, then download and install this software, now!

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