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In order to fix svchost exe errors, the users will have to use DLL Suite.

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The best troubleshooting method for fixing svchost exe errors

A system process that supports different services of Windows is svchost exe. At the time of using the system, the users may encounter some issues with this process. Such instances have been described as follows.

Error at startup:

An issue may crop up while starting the system as has been seen by Rosy from New Zealand. She had seen an issue while starting the computer. Every time she started the system she had received an error message. The error message has stated that svchost exe has generated the errors and therefore it will be closed by Windows. She has been using the Windows 7 operating system on the computer. To solve this issue she had conducted a system restore to restore the system to a point when such issues were not present. However, the issue still remained.

After upgrading the operating system an issue may show up on the system as has been seen by Tim. Tim had upgraded the operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10. At the time of starting the system or even while waking the system it was taking much longer than usual. On checking the Resource Monitor, he had found that svchost exe is taking up most of the space on the disk. He had disabled the antivirus on the system but, the issue has not been solved. The issue may have been caused by some corruption in the system.

Issue on rebooting:

An error may crop up while rebooting the system. Robert, has faced an error message while rebooting the system. He had been using Windows XP Professional Edition with SP3. The message may state that svchost exe - application error. It may also state that the memory could not be written. Before receiving these errors, Robert had installed a Java update and removed an add-in from the Firefox. The installation of the update may have caused the issue. However, restoring back might not be of much help.

How to stop the issues?

The issues can be solved, if the users use an appropriate tool. Svchost exe errors will require the use of DLL Suite. This tool is effective and efficient in solving all sorts of file issues.

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