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The best way to handle the svchost exe error

The svchost exe is also known as the Service Host that helps in hosting numerous Windows services. This executable file is constantly running in the Operating System. This host runs in the background of the system, even if one is not logged into the system. In this article, we plan to discuss issues faced with this executable file and the ultimate solution.

Issues with Internet Explorer

We were working with the Windows XP system for quite a few days. There were no issues, but however, there were some malware related problems that needed to be fixed. After running the anti-virus fixer, a few things in the program files were completely deleted. The system volume information, Bonjour, cookies and so on, were some of the deleted stuff from the system. Well, probably some other files may have also been deleted. But, the problem started after reboot. The Internet Explorer could not be launched and gave out error messages related to svchost exe with the 0x7d4caa9b error code. This memory error is probably due to the corrupted Windows registry that needed to be fixed.

High CPU usage while start up

As we were working with the Windows 7 32bits system, the problem came up as the PC was turned on. As soon as the system takes a start, the svchost exe -k netsvcs will start running and the CPU usage will go up till 50%. This problem will last for hours. We tried to terminate the issue with the help of the Task Manager, but the issue reappears again. Rebooting or starting the PC in Safe Mode also does not help. We analysed that the problem might be related to the automatic Windows update that occurred just a few days earlier.

Svchost exe reading unnecessary files

The problem here ensued as the 'svchost exe Local System Network Restriction reads unnecessary files' error appeared. These files are generally video files and big downloaded files of the Windows Vista Service Pack 2 system. Due to this error, we have a slow hard drive, as files from the external hard drive are being read. The PC has to be restarted if one wants to remove the hard drive. One thing that we noticed and that is, the files are read only when the Internet is connected to the system. Otherwise, everything works smooth. To resolve such an issue, we decided to opt for a fixer tool.

The ultimate solution

We decided that instead of wasting time and trying manual tricks, we install the DLL Suite to get rid of the svchost exe related errors. This software works like a miracle in fixing a corrupted registry and replacing old and infected files from the system. Problems with high CPU usage and system hangs are also solved in a jiffy.

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