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To battle with this dll file error on the PC, you can try to download the free dll repair software, such as DLL Suite.

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The easy method to repair dll files free

In today's exceedingly active online social surroundings, computers and humans are inseparable. You almost spend half of the day with the systems, be it laptop, tablets or desktop. And to run the operating system of these devices, dll files play a vital part in it. These are the most vital components for running any program in the system. If these files become corrupted in the PC, then it prevents the normal working of the PC. In this article, you will know about those dll files which are much needed to run any program or even run the operating system and how you can get rid of these files errors.

Windows Vista update error

While trying to update the Windows Vista operating system, you may get error on the PC. The system may show error message on each attempt of installing the updates. The error message may state that the procedure entry point decode pointer cannot be located in the dynamic link library kernel32.dll. This dll file error prevents you to update the PC. This may happen due to the corruption of this kernel32.dll file. Therefore, it is to be advised that if you repair the kernel32.dll file, then this problem would be resolved very easily. And for that purpose, you can try to download a free dll repair freeware from any legitimate website.

Unable to launch Mozilla Firefox

Sometimes you may notice while trying to use Mozilla Firefox in your Windows 7 operating system, it shows error. The problem happens while trying to open any web page using this browser application. An error message comes up on the system screen, which says Mozilla Firefox has stopped working on the PC. To find out the reason of this issue, you may try to enter the Event Viewer option by typing 'Event' in the start menu. The Event Viewer error logs may show mozalloc.dll as the faulting module and firefox.exe is the faulting application. That means the problem happens due to the corruption of dll file.

Issue with Adobe Photoshop software

After installing Adobe Photoshop software program in your Windows 8 operating system, you often receive error while using the software. Whenever you try to use the software to edit any photo, the application crashes immediately on the PC. After that it shows an error message, which says this program is unable to start correctly with error code 0xc000007b. You need to close the application. And after entering the Event Viewer option, you come to know that the problem happens due to the corruption of ntdll.dll file. This file is associated with the application. In order to repair dll errors, you need to repair this corrupted file. And by downloading a free missing dll repair tool, you can solve this problem.

But sometimes you may see after installing a free online dll repair tool from any fake website can give your system a lot of malwares. That is why it is better to download a paid dll files fixer software tool on the PC.

VLC Media Player error

VLC Media Player is a software application which helps to play video and audio in the PC. But sometimes this software shows error while using it on the PC, which you do not know how to repair dll free on your own. Whenever you try to open VLC Media Player to play a video in the PC, an error related to dll comes, it's like user32.dll is relocated in memory. The application will not run properly on the PC. According to experts, this type of problem usually happens on the PC, if the dll file becomes corrupted on the system. In that situation, you need to repair the corrupted file. So it is better to use a free dll file repair tool on the PC.

Error while opening Windows Live Photo Gallery

Those above mentioned problems are not the end of the problem, there is another issue which also creates trouble in the PC. While opening Windows Live Photo Gallery, it shows an error message. The error message says 'Windows Live Photo Gallery has encountered an error loading the WLXPhotoviewer.dll file and it cannot start'. It also throws the error code 0x8007007e. The error message comes on every attempt of opening the application. As the error message shows that the problem happens due to the dll file, hence it is to be understood that you need to repair dll online. In such case, you may try to apply a free Windows dll repair tool.

How to put an end to the error

You can easily put an end to those above mentioned errors by installing the ideal dll scan repair free tool - DLL Suite on the PC. It is a totally free dll repair tool. For your own satisfaction, first you may try to install the trial version of this best free dll repair software. But it is suggested if you are looking for a complete solution, then you can try to download the paid version of this tool.

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