Atikmdag.sys error

The error in Atikmdag sys error can be easily rectified with the help of DLL Suite.

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The fixes for Atikmdag sys error

The Atikmdag sys is a type of system file which helps in the smooth running of the computer. Problems in th file Atikmdag sys can make the computer slow, corrupt and malfunctioning. The error in Atikmdag sys can cause the computer to crash and have frequent Blue Screen related errors, where the screen turns blue and some error codes appear which points at the issues on the computer. Here are some instances where you faced difficulties due to the problems in Atikmdag.sys file:

Problems after installing the Windows 7 operating system:

You had recently purchased a brand new computer and installed Windows 7 operating system on it. After installing the operating system, you updated the drivers with its latest versions so that it could be compatible with Windows 7. After everything was done, you ran the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare2 on the computer to test the system. However, after a few minutes into the game, the computer crashed and then rebooted itself. The mini dump files pointed towards some error in the Atikmdag sys and the error might have happened due to it. But you are not sure.

Problems after upgrading to Internet Explorer 9:

You have a computer with Windows 7 operating system. Recently the Internet Explorer was upgraded to its higher version and the computer faced issues after that. The computer screen would randomly go black and after some time, the error message would pop up stating that there were some issues in the display driver because of which it has stopped working. You did little search online regarding the matter and someone suggested that a possible error in the Atikmdag sys could have caused this issue. You tried to find a solution to this problem, however, the solution posted on the internet was very complicated and needed a strong technical knowledge for implementation.

Upgrading to Windows 8.1 causes BSOD:

You had recently seen a Dell XPS laptop which faced BSOD in the loop. The laptop was recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and after that the machine seems to have become defective. Initially, the laptop would boot normally and then the screen would turn blue. A message would be prompted on the screen stating that system has faced some error due to Atikmdag sys and needed a restart. After the restart, the screen would load the Windows page but then again the screen would turn blue. This would happen in a loop making it impossible for you to work on the computer.

Methods to solve the error:

To solve Atikmdag sys related error, you can use the DLL Suite. This application not only solves the issues related to the DLL files but also fixes the issues in the Atikmdag.sys file. Available in 23 different languages, this error fix software not only cleans the corrupt and broken DLL files but simultaneously re-registers the new DLLs in the Windows Registry. This tool is hugely popular among the users because of it's easy to use approach and quick error fixing methods.

This tool is one of the best DLL error fixing tools in the market worldwide.

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