D3dx9_39 dll missing

While playing any game or running some specific programs, PC users can get D3dx9_39.dll is missing error; this error can be solved by downloading DLL Suite in their PC.

Download DLL Suite

The issues that can happen if D3dx9_39.dll is missing

D3dx9_39.dll issues are caused in PC if there is any issue with Microsoft DirectX. Microsoft DirectX is mostly used by Windows based games and some advanced graphics programs. 'D3dx9_39 dll is missing' or 'D3dx9_39.dll was not found' errors can show up in the PC while using these programs. The issue can happen in any Windows PC. Read the article to know more about the issue.

Error while playing game in Windows Vista

While trying to play any Microsoft game, you can get d3dx9_39.dll related error. The issue can arise if the game you are trying to play is not supported by the version of Windows you are using. While trying to launch the game, you can get an error message saying that "The program can't start because D3dx9_39.dll is missing from your computer." Then you might be asked to reinstall the program again to fix the problem.

Sometimes the problem might persist even if you reinstall the program. Most of the downloading DirectX update package solves the problem.

Call of duty game doesn't start in Windows 7

If D3dx9_39.dll is missing from the PC, you can face trouble in launching games. One game that you can face issue playing in your Windows 7 PC is call of duty. While trying to launch the game, you can get an error message saying that 'program can't start because d3dx9_39.dll is missing'.

To fix the issue, you can uninstall the game and reinstall it again. Sometimes reinstalling the program helps solve the issue. If the issue still persists then you can restore the d3dx9_39.dll file from the latest Direct X package. If even that doesn't work then you can try updating the drivers for your video card. To avoid the confusion and to resolve the issue easily, you can download dll file fixing tool and get rid of the problem.

Error installing Fifa 2012 in Windows PC

If you want to launch game fifa 2012 in your Windows PC, then you might not be able to do that due to missing D3dx9_39.dll file. While trying to launch the game, you can get an error message saying that the program cannot be started because D3dx9_39.dll is missing from the computer.

To fix the issue you can run DirectX diagnostic tool and see if that helps. If that doesn't help, then you can update the display driver and latest version of DirectX using DirectX diagnostic tool. If all else fails then you can download dll file fixer in your machine and get rid of the issue for real. The manual method of solving problem sometimes turn out to be risky and it does more bad the computer than good.

Best way to solve the issue

The best way to solve 'D3dx9_39.dll is missing' issue is by downloading DLL Suite. This software can download the missing dll files and get rid of the corrupt ones. This software works in all Windows PC and works very efficiently.

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