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In order to answer the question how to fix hal.dll error, you must use DLL Suite.

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The method of fixing hal.dll errors

Blue screen of death (BSOD), is the incident where the system freezes and makes the entire screen blue and shows an error message. The blue screen of death can appear randomly on your system. The time when BSOD can appear has been discussed as follows.

Regular occurrence of BSOD:

You might face BSOD regularly on your system along with the message 'whea_uncorrectable_error' and the code 0x00000124. While trying to copy some files from external harddisk, you may encounter this issue. The dump file may show that the issue has been caused by the driver hal.dll. In order to provide the answer to the question, how to fix hal.dll error, you may try to check the hard disc using CHKDSK. However, the process may not be of that help. Some issues in the drivers may have resulted in this issue. Removing the current driver and installing the latest driver might help in solving the issue.

Issue after installing graphic card:

You may have installed a new graphic card HD 6950. You may face no issue while playing some games. However, the computer may seem to crash, when lying idle or when browsing the internet. The BSOD may show the BCCode 124 on Windows 7 operating system. On checking the event viewer you may find that the crash has been caused by a dll file. For finding the answer to how to solve hal.dll error, you may try to reinstall the drivers again. Such an issue may also have been caused by some hardware issues.

BSOD when playing games:

The system may crash on loading a gaming application and show BSOD. The BSOD may appear on your system along with the BCCode 109. The minidump file may show you that the issue has been caused by the driver hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe. In order to answer the question, how to fix hal.dll errors, you might want to try reinstalling the gaming application. But, it may not fix the issue. You might also try to install the latest drivers, but you may see no solution to the recurring BSOD.

Fixing the issues:

You must apply a proper tool such as DLL Suite in order to answer the question of how to repair hal.dll errors. This tool is effective in repairing and fixing such dll files.

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