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In order to fix dll errors on the system, the user must use DLL Suite.

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The method to repair dll files

Various type of issues may show up on the system if there are some issues in the Windows registry. The system may report that the dll files are missing or they are corrupted. The user will not be able to use any application when the system reports such an error. The user may encounter such issues while trying to install some updates on any application, or while using the application after conducting an upgrade. The user may also suddenly experience the crash of applications. All such types of issues have been discussed in this article. The user will be benefitted if they read this write-up.

Windows Explorer crash:

A user might have deal with Windows explorer crash on a Windows 10 machine. Green from Houston has complained of such an issue. According to her, any attempt of running the application crashes it entirely. The file explorer is only seen to work while in safe mode. Lilly has found out the faulty dll file from the event viewer log. She found that the faulting application is explorer.exe and it has been caused by the module kernelbase.dll. The event viewer log have also shown that the exception code is 0xe06d7363 and the faulting process id is 0x904. She has seen that this issue appeared only after upgrading the operating system from Windows 7. To fix dll error, she also tried clean booting the system.

Windows Media Player not opening:

Sometimes an application may stop working without any changes being made on the system. Wilson from South Africa have encountered such an issue with Windows Media Player. He complained that all of a sudden, he had noticed that the application was not working. Every time while trying to start the application, he received an error message. The message stated that the file wmp.dll is either contaminated or it is not designed to run on Windows. The error message have also instructed to reinstall the program by using original installation media. On choosing the option OK, another message showed up stating that the application has not been installed properly and therefore it has to be reinstalled. He had tried to update the application, but still it could not repair dll problem.

Issue while updating Adobe Flash player:

There might also arise some issues while updating the programs of the system. Brown from Queensland has noticed that an issue arises while trying to update the application Adobe Flash Player using Internet Explorer. The error message as encountered by Robert stated that the original file iertutil.dll could not be located in the dynamic link library. He has seen this error while running Windows Vista 64 bits on the PC. The file is required for the operation of Internet Explorer. Some corruption may have infected the file and therefore it is shown as missing from the system. He had tried to manually replace the file in order to resolve dll issue. However, the problem was not solved. He had also tried to clean the registry but it was of no help.

Issue in Internet Explorer:

Sometimes an issue may be seen while using the browser Internet Explorer. As experienced by Geller from Belgium, the application has crashed a number of times while using it. On checking the Event Viewer from the start menu of the system, she has found that the faulty module responsible for the crash of iexplorer.exe is ntdll.dll. She had used Microsoft Fixit, but it has not fixed the issue. To correct this dll, she has also used SFC scannow tool. This dll fixing tool might help in fixing the missing files from the system. She has used the dll repair tool by pressing the Windows key and R together and then entering the command scannow. However, the issue still remained.

Error in Microsoft Office PowerPoint:

The upgrade of some applications can show some issues. After upgrading Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate to Microsoft Office 2010 Professional, Hanks from New Jersey has encountered an issue. He stated that while trying to open the application Microsoft Office PowerPoint, he received a bad image error. The error message stated that the file atipdlxx.dll contains an error. The error message also instructed to reinstall the application or contact the administrator. In order to solve dll issue, he had uninstalled both the versions of the suite and then reinstalled Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. However, the issue did not solve.

Fixing the issues:

Since a number of errors can crop up on the system, the users will have to stay prepared. The users must install a dll fix tool that is effective in solving all the dll errors at once. The users must install DLL Suite by VSKsoft. This dll repairing tool can fix and replace corrupted or missing dll files.

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